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    Beech B1900D HD Series

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    Gene Davis

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    There are many different types of commuter aircraft available for X-Plane and one of my all time favorite aircraft of the Flight Simulator genre had to be that of the Beech 1900D from PMDG for FS2004 as it was a fun aircraft to fly and it was totally functional.

    Fast forward to now and we have had many different types of commuter planes for FSX and X-Plane but the Beech 1900 has always been strangely absent from the payware market, that is up until last year when Carenado released the 1900 for FSX and then X-Plane 10 this year and the wait was over and now I had one my all time favorites available for both simulations.

    Purchase, Download and Install

    The Beech 1900 is a simple download and in my case I received my copy from the FS Pilot Shop along with my copy of PANC from Aerosoft. Like most add-ons for X-Plane the B1900 package does not include a self installer and only requires you to do a manual installation of the aircraft.

    This really isn't a big deal and is quite simple if you are already familiar with X-Plane and its folder structure. Extracting the aircraft is simple; all you need to do is extract the zip file to your X-Plane 10 aircraft folder. Now, I go one step further and actually unzip my file to a backup location and then place the aircraft in a folder named Carenado in the main aircraft folder making it much easier to locate from within the program.

    The PANC package from Aerosoft is a self-installer and only requires that you direct the installer to your X-Plane 10 folder. From what I can tell it only installs into your Custom Scenery folder and not sure of any other changes it may or may not make.

    Manuals can be found in the start menu under Aerosoft and manuals for the B1900 are aptly placed in your aircraft folder in your aircraft directory and will require you to navigate there and click on each manual rather than having a shortcut readily available on your desktop.


    The B1900

    The B1900 needs no introduction as it is a familiar aircraft used by many different carriers in the United States and around the world and is currently used as a regional airliner as well as a cargo carrier. The Beech 1900 is actually derivative of the King Air and you will find many similarities between the two aircraft in design, function and cockpit layout.

    First flown in 1982 the aircraft features two Pratt and Whitney turboprop engines and specifications vary depending on the model of the aircraft. The B1900 has a max cruising speed of about 285 knots with a max service ceiling of 25,000 feet and can carry up to 19 passengers or hold a max weight of 17,120 lbs on takeoff. The 1900 offers a max range of 439 miles with 19 passengers on board with a cruising speed of 280 knots.

    Currently there are four airlines in the United States that utilize the 1900, according to Wiki, and a long list of countries that use the aircraft for military purposes and transport.

    The 1900 from Carenado is the D model of the Beech 1900 and it was introduced in 1991. It is a significant redesign of the original 1900 and has a larger cabin and, because of the larger cabin, more powerful engines were added along with other improvements throughout the aircraft's design.


    The Carenado plane comes with five different liveries, plus a basic white paint job for aircraft painters and each is significant with their own identifiers, though only one represents an actual user by name and that is the Swiss Air Force paint. I would have liked to have seen more liveries of actual real world commuters with this package given that it is mainly an airline driven aircraft. This doesn't mean you can't find them though and a short search on the net at your favorite X-Plane haunt should reveal extra user created liveries!

    The visual aspects of the B1900 are a delight and all of the eye candy and other little moving parts you have come to expect in an aircraft like this are visible. The aircraft fits nicely in the X-Plane 10 world and actually takes advantage of some of the X-Plane features. I like how the aircraft is affected by the outside world in X-Plane, whether it's weather, poor planning and or unforeseen circumstances the plane will react both positively or negatively to its environment. For example, if you add a ton of fuel, along with cargo and seriously overload the aircraft you will see how it affects the aircraft while it's sitting on the runway and depending on how heavy it is it can become un-flyable and unstable. Icing and severe weather conditions can also hamper the aircraft's performance and will react to whatever mother nature throws at it.

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