• Virtualcol - DeHavilland DHC3 Otter X

    Virtualcol - DeHavilland DHC3 Otter X

    This DHC-3 Otter for FSX and P3D was developed with frame rates in mind to allow fluid flight with a functional cockpit and gauges, as well as multiple repaints and six different models at a low price. This model is fully FSX Directx 10 and Prepar3D compatible.

    Note: You must the FSX Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Service Pack 2 (SP2) or FSX Acceleration installed to use this aircraft.

    The product DHC-3 Otter X includes:

    • Six Models with virtual cockpit:
      • Prop fix gear
      • Prop amphibian
      • Prop with skis
      • Turboprop fix gear
      • Turboprop amphibian
      • Turboprop with skis
    • 2D panel
    • Original prop and turboprop sound
    • Paint kit
    • Graphic user manual
    • 23 repaints


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    1. Outrage's Avatar
      Outrage -
      Doesn't Aerosoft have a Twotter?..
    1. av8tor98's Avatar
      av8tor98 -
      Yes, but it's the twin otter, AKA Twotter
    1. gallen144's Avatar
      gallen144 -
      I purchased the Otter last week; the visual model is very nice, but I have an operating concern. This applies to the recip engine and not the turbine engine.

      At full manifold pressure and rpm positions, I can only get about 1,700 rpm and max speed of 105 indicated (pressure and density altitude is below 1,500 feet.). This does not seem right compared to what I've read about the classic Otter and how other recips operate.

      My controls are calibrated and the response is the same using then keyboard commands or joystick. It is also the same for wheeled, float, amphib, or ski models.

      Does anyone know what is going on here or how to fix this?
    1. sparky347's Avatar
      sparky347 -
      ask for your money back. like that'llhappen
    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      Gallen correct I have the same problem with the model. The engine used in the DHC3 was geared to reduce the prop speed from normal or usual speeds to lower, I have not yet found out what those speeds were but you will not see 27 or 2500 RPM on this beast, the MP is correct. I cannot get more than 105 knots IAS with full power. I am investigating this as it may be a drag value or something like that but do not expect startling performance or speed from this aircraft which was a great STOL aeroplane and would lift quite a load. We will see what transpires.
    1. gallen144's Avatar
      gallen144 -
      I found a DHC-3 flight manual circa 1960 giving
      some reference baselines.

      Takeoff @ Sea Level
      2250 RPM (600 BHP)/ 36.5 in. MP

      Climb (550 BHP) 2200 RPM/ 35.0 in. MP

      Max Continuous Cruise @ sea level 2000 RPM (400 BHP or approx 65%)/ 29.0 in. MP with 132 MPH/115 kts TAS

      Maneuvering speed: 126 MPH/110 Kts
    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      Gallen I have made some minor changes to the engine data in the aircraft cfg file but the Otter as it is is fine and accurate.

      Prop RPM and MP are correct and handling otherwise is as per this type of aeroplane, solid, slow and heavy on the controls. There is a slightly different technique to flying this beast in terms of Vr is low at 54-58 knots, intial climb 65 to 300ft with TKOF flap then reduced to climb flap and the aircraft climbed to 1500 ft agl then flap up and cruise climb at 80 knots. This will still only give you about 500 fpm rate of climb.

      I think this is actually a good product and nice sim experience. The graphics and textures are fine up to a point, the systems all are accurate and very simple, the gauges and switches are all as per the real thing.

      I think the issue being experienced is the intial setup has you at full fuel and load, take some of it off and you will find it climbs a little better but cruises a whole lot faster, oh and these aeroplanes you hand flew straight and level after climb level off and left the climb power set as the aircraft accelerated to cruise speed then you reduced MP and RPM as required and set mixture.

      The float version is great not sure which I like the best, having fun with both at the moment.
    1. gallen144's Avatar
      gallen144 -
      Old crusty thanks for the feedback. I expect to spend some fun backwoods time with this model.
    1. Zigarten's Avatar
      Zigarten -
      I was really excited to see this, however, I did ask for my money back. When rain pours down through a hole in the cockpit I'm sorry, that's not acceptable if you're charging money.
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