• Review: IRIS BD-5J Microjet

    BD-5J MicroJet

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    Steve Franklin

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    Iris BD-5J     Iris BD-5J

    As a huge 007 fan, this was an aircraft that I was screaming out to fly in the simulator. Firstly, to satisfy my craving I downloaded a free model from FlightSim.Com by Jez G (bd5collection9tribute.zip). A superb prototype that was well rendered for the price tag of £0.00! But after getting used to the simple yet functional panel, I wanted more detail and accuracy. So I searched for the BD-5 and came across Iris Simulations BD-5J MicroJet.

    Iris BD-5J     Iris BD-5J

    For less than $20.00 it added superb textures, a clear and realistic panel and nice sounds for the aircraft and for switch clicks, undercarriage, etc. You'll get a few variations of the BD-5 including the 'Octopussy' model and also the propeller model which has a mixture control added to the panel.

    Usually I only really enjoy flying GA aircraft and my beloved BN-2 Islander (which I will review next) but sometimes you want something totally different. The BD-5 offers just that.

    Iris BD-5J     Iris BD-5J

    It's always hard to say how the flight characteristics actually are unless you have flown the real thing. Unfortunately, I have not! The odd R22, PA28 and gliders here and there but not a BD-5. So I can't say if it is accurate. However, the acceleration is swift, the handling is excellent and the slightest movements to the stick makes immediate changes to the control of the aircraft.

    When approaching 250 MPH the aircraft starts to shudder. A sign maybe to ease off a little!

    Iris BD-5J     Iris BD-5J

    I read that the original owner and creator of the BD-5 who actually flew it in 'Octopussy' had to bail out only twice to date after many years of flying it. He never actually told us the reason, but a shaking aircraft at nearly 300 MPH could always be to blame!

    For those who enjoy showing off at air shows, and enjoy shaking like a Polaroid picture, you also have a smoke switch to create pretty patterns in the sky.

    Iris BD-5J     Iris BD-5J

    You feel low in the seat when on the asphalt which also adds a sensation of speed upon take off. Within no time at all you are airborne and with your throttle at max thrust you can pitch up and be above the clouds within a minute. It's a stunning aircraft to fly and the fun factor is at 120%. It makes me want to go out and buy a triple screen setup and a TrackIR as this would immerse you completely!

    Iris BD-5J Microjet

    Steve Franklin
    [email protected]

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    1. Bennzo's Avatar
      Bennzo -
      It wasn't until I purchased my X65 flightstick did I master this jet. One of the payware buys I can truly say I got my money's worth - didn't languish in the hanger after a week.

      When I want to show off my FS skills the BD is one of my first choices. Precise controls help this greatly.
    1. stevefranklin's Avatar
      stevefranklin -
      I'll have to plug in my X45 then as i'm using a wingman extreme at the mo! More down to space available than preference!
    1. Bennzo's Avatar
      Bennzo -
      Quote Originally Posted by stevefranklin View Post
      I'll have to plug in my X45 then as i'm using a wingman extreme at the mo! More down to space available than preference!
      The more precise the better if you're heavy handed like me. I use to break the jet all the time but with the new stick rarely, if ever now.
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