• Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery

    Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery

    Photo real scenery - high definition for incredible views from inside and out of the aircraft. There's nothing like flying over the real ground! Realworld scenery takes you there!

    This scenery product is also compatible with FSX Steam and Prepar3D. This scenery includes winter textures - so you will see snow on the ground if your season in the simulator is set to winter months. Florida rarely gets much snowfall but it does happen and we want to make that a possibility for your simming experience. We do not include night lighting, but if you use FTX Global, you can enable the night lighting feature of that program and you will have some limited lighting. All airports ARE fully lighted. There are several reasonably priced night lighting add-ons made specifically for photo-scenery night flying that will work flawlessly with Realworld Scenery.


    Most often you may not want to use Realworld Scenery if you're flying in completely pitch black dark and you're not on a flight plan, and "if" you have FTX Global installed. Kudos to the the Orbx team for great night lighting, but overall, But there is a realistic aspect to this... Most pilots flying at night are going to be on a flight plan - not looking out the windows, and don't need lit up farm fields to know where they are. Flying with realworld scenery at night will test your skills to their max without seeing anything on the ground, except lights from distant airports, to use for navigation. If you want a real challenge, and honestly_very realistic fly at night with our scenery! your navigation skills will improve from it!

    Water Areas

    Some things to note: FSX DOES NOT draw every river and lake as in reality. This is limiting in that we try to judge which lakes rivers, etc. will be seen as water and which ones won't. There are places where the terrain can be seen where there should be water. We try to judge which water areas to enable based on landing a float plane, and the length needed to do so. But as you will see, we try to be perfect in our selections but we are limited by the original parameters of FSX.

    Note on FTX GLOBAL: We've noticed that FTX Global is even less detailed in drawing water areas than the original default scenery. We suggest that you disable FTX scenery if you have Realworld Scenery installed in the same area to allow more FSX water to be seen. There are places where it will be quite noticeable. One aspect of this is that you will see an increase in FPS. Scenery in FSX is very open to different configurations, so we suggest you play with the settings and see what works best for you.

    FACT: Realworld scenery beats everyone else out completely in daytime flying over beautiful terrain!

    This add-on can be purchased complete or in four smaller sections:

    Purchase Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery

    Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery - Northwest
    Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery - Central
    Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery - Northeast
    Realworld Scenery - Florida Photoreal Scenery - Southern

    Purchase RealWorld Scenery 3D - Florida Environment

    1. braudoux's Avatar
      braudoux -
      Hi there,
      I purchased this add-on (Florida Northwest) and immediately attempted to install it with the provided EXE file. But I cannot see any new landscape...
      I mailed TWICE to the provider REAL WORLD SCENERY to request assistance in installing the software but, after one month, still I received no reply...
      No forum is available on their website... until they prove otherwise, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER CARE there.
    1. alphajet4141's Avatar
      alphajet4141 -
      I have a landscape colored in green burgundy and white... Several re-installs were without success. No customer help available...
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