• Aeroplane Heaven - AH Globe Swift GC-1A

    Aeroplane Heaven - AH Globe Swift GC-1A

    Designed by R.S. Johnson in 1940, the Swift's birth is not without its complexities. With the intervention of WW2, the design did not actually reach certification until May 1946 when it had been the subject of several design modifications carried out by K.H. "Bud" Knox. In the late 40's Globe was to become insolvent and Temco acquired the type certificate and went on to build further aircraft. Temco modified the Swift to become the first post-war military trainer but it lost the race to the Beechcraft Mentor. Full production ceased in 1951 but spare parts and service items continued to be produced by Universal Aircraft Industries until 1979.


    • Globe Swift specific Collins radios (NAV1, COM1 and ADF1)
    • Custom hide-able autopilot control (easy to use for those longer flights)
    • Custom options clipboard with the following options:
      • Pilots positions
      • Choice of pilots (choose 1 or 2 from a roster of 4)
      • Hide-able cockpit glass
      • Hide-able gauge glass
      • Innovative tutorial mode with cold start functionality
      • Stock simicons
      • Quickstart start list and tips and tricks
      • Equation for lift is included
    • Separate controllable gauge lighting
    • 2k maps for a wonderful balance on resolution and frame rates
    • Original Swift custom sounds

    Package Includes

    • Two liveries (one blank painted texture and one blank chrome texture)
    • Paint kit (downloadable from Aeroplaneheaven)
    • Two very different models (chrome and painted) for a better representation of this iconic aircraft
    • Cockpit guide.pdf
    • Flight manual.pdf


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    1. rlamont's Avatar
      rlamont -
      Nicely done. My only negative comments is that the magnetic compasses work backwards. Very confusing to actual pilots.
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