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    Quickie Q200

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    Bill Stack

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    Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations

    Image From Lionheart Creations

    Quickie Q200 was a single-engine, two-seat, two-wing, tail-dragging experimental aircraft produced in kit form during the 1980s by the now defunct Quickie Aircraft Corporation of Mojave, California, U.S.A. Based on a design by the renowned experimental aircraft designer Burt Rutan, the Q200's most striking features are the tandem wings and the main landing gear in the wingtips. The aircraft has two wings that provide lift instead of the customary main wing with a tail-mounted elevator or a forward-mounted canard. The rear wing is at the aircraft's physical center, and it has the ailerons. The forward wing is near the nose, and it has the elevator controls. The fixed landing gear are inside spats moulded into the forward wing tips.

    I am unable to determine exactly how these home-built aircraft were produced by Quickie, but nowadays each builder moulds all the composite parts himself based on Quickie's diagrams -- fuselage, wings, control surfaces, and so forth.

    The Quickie Q200 is smaller and lighter than the stock Piper J3 Cub in FSX, yet it is faster and has a much higher ceiling.

    Quickie Q200
    Specification Value
    Occupants 2
    Empty Weight 490 LB
    222 KG
    Max Gross Weight 1,000 LB
    454 KG
    Useful Load 510 LB
    232 KG
    Fuel Capacity 23 USG, 138 LB
    87 L, 63 KG
    Cruising Speed 140 MPH
    225 KPH
    122 KTS
    Maximum Speed 180 MPH
    290 KPH
    157 KTS
    Ceiling 19,000 FT
    5,795 M
    Range 550 NM
    885 KM
    Length 20 FT
    6 M
    Wing Span 17 FT
    5 M
    Power 64 HP
    48 KW
    Sources: Wikipedia & Lionheart

    Lionheart Creations' Quickie Q200 Dragonfly

    Lionheart's Quickie Q200s are rendered in eleven "massive" themes wherein the liveries and interiors are different for each model. Three of them are racer models. The developer calls them "Dragonfly" and drew dragonfly artwork on their exteriors, but the Dragonfly was a similar Rutan model manufactured by Viking -- a different company in a distant location -- according to the best information available.

    Developer Bill Ortis clearly states that his Q200 Dragonflies are fictional "what if" renditions for which he poses the rhetorical question: What might they be like if they were still produced today? He further explains that the Dragonflies have innumerable variations because they were built in owners' garages and modified as desired. The basic aircraft are the same, but numerous customizations were made. He based his modeling on key elements seen in many real-world photos found on the Internet. For these reasons, flight simmers who are familiar with the real-world Q200 Dragonfly might not see an exact replica of the real-world aircraft as they know it.

    "If you want a new aircraft that is a little feisty, needs attention, isn't too boring, adds some spice to your normal flying adventures," he says, "then the Q200 might be for you."

    This Quickie Q200 Dragonfly is for Microsoft Flight Simulator X® and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D®. I reviewed the FSX version. All screen shots are by me unless otherwise attributed.

    Examples of Lionheart's Liveries
    Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations White/Blue Racer, N300W Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations Yellow/Black Racer, N778 Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations Orange, N64OR
    Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations Metallic Blue, N1006Y Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations Red/White, N790C Quickie Q200 by Lionheart Creations Green, D-QTWO

    1. hendrik357's Avatar
      hendrik357 -
      This looks like a really cool plane. I am wondeing though if it is hard on frame rates. I recently purchased the LHC Blade, it is a beautiful little aircraft but it seems hard on frame rate. Both are very interesting and the LHC Blade flies pretty well and is fun.

    1. gojozoom's Avatar
      gojozoom -
      Regarding frame-rates, this one is as good as the default C172, so no worries. Handling is very unique and the soundset is fantastic. I'm loving it.
    1. antaris's Avatar
      antaris -

      She looks amazing. Well done!
      Kindest regards,
      Sergio Kauffman.
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