• Lionheart Creations - LHC Blade

    Lionheart Creations - LHC Blade

    Blade is a design project that looks at the possibilities of electric propulsion using modern day technologies, combining Tesla Automobile motors and batteries, newer versions of BMW pathways for less expensive manufacture of carbon fiber components, and using modern, simplistic, yet beautiful operating software systems to produce amazing instrument panels with colorful and imaginative layouts and designs.


    • Super high detail aircraft model in rich, high-count Polygon Mesh construction
    • Ultra high resolution exterior textures in 4096 pixels, and high resolution textures in 2048 pixels throughout the rest of the package
    • Custom sound package that features a quiet, interestingly different 'electric' aircraft sound
    • Custom new-generation Avionics Suite called the 'Avelina OS'. This is personalized for the Blade aircraft with some enhancements
    • Opening 'Countach' style doors that allow full access for the passengers and pilot
    • An Automotive 'luxury exotic' style interior layout
    • A detailed landing gear system that retracts ingeniously into the rear of the aircraft around the motor and prop shaft
    • Ultra-reflective glass on the exterior to keep harmful UV rays out of the cabin
    • Zero interior glass reflection for maximum visual for flying in rich FS scenery environments
    • Low sitting stance provides high 'ground effect' for softer landings and easier ingress for passengers
    • Fat tires and a strong suspension enable soft field landings on semi-rough terrain
    • 478 HP Tesla 'Drive' with a highly aerodynamic shape and sharp glider-like wings enable 200 knot cruise capability for 400 NM
    • Rich leather texture mapping within the cabin for a very sharp, semi-realistic appearance
    • Concealed Solar Array hidden in the transparent roof which protects the high performance solar cells from weathering and the elements
    • High detail pilot
    • Intriguing sound effects, dings and bells

    For FSX and Prepar3D.

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    1. HillBillyJim's Avatar
      HillBillyJim -
      you know what? I'll buy one. Can't beat the price and it would be fun to take to VATSIM overloads
    1. jordanmoore's Avatar
      jordanmoore -
      I have never bought a fictitious aircraft in all of my time in this hobby. Until now. The creativity in the cockpit displays is really something unique. For $7 - I didn't have much too lose, but after installing, I realized that I might actually fly this aircraft once in a while. It is very nicely modeled, and feels nice in the flight dynamics. Good stuff.
    1. BearCool's Avatar
      BearCool -
      Can't get it to install>
    1. Crazyclown's Avatar
      Crazyclown -
      LHC also has another Electric Aircraft that's really neat too and well rendered and fun to tinker with !!
    1. Merlin0859's Avatar
      Merlin0859 -
      Just bought this. Not normally the kind of aircraft I go for but this is actually very nice! Looks nice, flies well and is reasonably priced. Can't get all three of those very often!
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