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    Cessna 182T Skylane

    Publisher: A2A Simulations

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    Nigel Martin

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    With the myriad of offerings now available to the simmer, it is somewhat difficult to note a release that grabs your attention. Don't get me wrong, all FSX add-on releases truly enhance the virtual world we all enjoy! However, the offerings did not make me leap for my credit card, I guess I am just plain 'picky'.

    I 'stumbled' upon the latest offering from A2A on the internet, and watched a trailer about the product, and was taken aback from the very obvious attention to detail. That is perhaps one of the biggest understatements I have made this year! The detail looked quite incredible, and amazingly accurate.

    During this research, I noted the previous A2A Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee, both it seems are presented in excellent detail; the comments from various blogs underpin this view.

    So I guess if you have seen, used, or own one of the previous GA A2A aircraft, this package may well be a upgrade.

    I have a personal interest in this aircraft, well the slightly older version of the Cessna 182 (real world), which a pal of mine part owns. I have a fair few hours spent aloft, so I really will be interested in this offering.

    I guess if you are a civil or military aficionado and only flying commercial or military hardware, this may not 'light-your-candle' but I enjoy flying both my trusty 737-800 and GA aircraft.

    Oh yes, if you have seen the intro from A2A, and read the excellent product overview, it does not leave me a great deal of literary latitude, but as always, this review will not be a 'rivet counting' (Not saying the previous ones were! Just being very comprehensive) offering, just a user overview, which I hope will shed additional personal view on this A2A product.



    As always, purchasing the product in FS Pilot Shop could not be simpler. Download the program (this process can be a bit of time dependant on your system, nothing too onerous!) and you will have the 'bits and pieces' that will magically make four Cessna 182T Skylanes appear. Look out for the manual it is a PDF; more about this later. I have to say, the download process was simplicity itself.

    After being informed there was a successful download, I hit the FSX icon and fired up FSX, looked at my virtual hangar and could not immediately see the Cessna where I would expect it. The aircraft versions were found at the very top of the list, obvious now I am typing this, alphabetical, A for Accusim, not C for Cessna. Phew, that panic over, but I demonstrated great reserve, and accessed the manual first.

    However, falling fowl previously, by printing off a 'thesis' length pilots manual and pretty much emptied a ink cartridge, I decided I was going to print off ONLY the pages that I felt would be relevant to my immediate flying needs.

    Before I move on, the Accu-Sim C182T Skylane manual has 104 color pages. This has to be one of the most comprehensive manuals around. As an example, the headings include: Designer Note Quick Start Guide, Combustion Engine data, Specifications, Checklists, Procedures explained, Performance, Emergency Procedures, Airplane & Systems Description, Airplane Handling Servicing & Maintenance, Accu-Sim & the C182T Skylane, Credits. All very interesting but not all needed to get a grip of the 182, and get it airborne.

    Again, I would be selective which pages you opt to print, otherwise if you just hit the print button, you will get the entire 108 color pages. With a few pages in hand providing me with some important data, I selected one of the four versions offered, the Cessna 182T presented in various color ways and registration.

    1. RatRace's Avatar
      RatRace -
      Great review.
      And for those of us who can't hold on to a woman, the disappearing female passenger just adds to the realism !
    1. Legin3020's Avatar
      Legin3020 -
      Hi RatRace, Many thanks for taking the time read my well, words.. and leaving a comment. It really is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot again!

    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      I agree with Nigel - this airplane (and probably the others from A2A, although I can't vouch for that) is the PMDG or Level D of the light plane world in FSX. These days I fly these things all the time in CAP, and the flight characteristics of this A2A product are as close to the real thing as it is possible to get in a PC based sim. I would go so far as to recommend this to a real world pilot who was looking to move up from a 172 to a 182.

      And they even have an outstanding CAP repaint for it!

      Tony Vallillo
    1. Merlin0859's Avatar
      Merlin0859 -
      Just got this wonderful aircraft from A2A. They have raised the bar measurably. My other aircraft seem almost boring by comparison. The maintenance and hangar stuff could seem "gimicky" if the aircraft wasn't so wonderful to fly. Love the ground walk around, maintenance and other features. It all works very well and is definitely not just a sales gimmick. Very nice review as well. Pick this up you won't be dissatisfied! :-)

      By the way. Where is the CAP repaint?
    1. rudyjo's Avatar
      rudyjo -
      I had been putting off buying this because I thought it was just too much like the A2A C172.
      The only bad part about getting the C182 is that the C172 won't get used much anymore.
      Of the A2A general aviation planes, this is the best one. Wish they would put out an update with some tundra tires for it. Glad I finally broke down and got it.
    1. Ragtopjohnny's Avatar
      Ragtopjohnny -
      Is a retractable gear included? I'd love that.....
    1. RatRace's Avatar
      RatRace -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ragtopjohnny View Post
      Is a retractable gear included? I'd love that.....
      No, only a fixed gear variant
    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      Excellent and informative review, Nigel.


    1. Legin3020's Avatar
      Legin3020 -
      Kevin & Tony many thanks for your welcome, and valued comments.

      I have to honest I tend to fly my 737 PMDG a fair amount, but this GA offering has been excellent, and sometimes frustrating when it has TECH issues due to me not flying it for a while, a lovely trait'.

      Any way thanks again!

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