• Review: Vidan Design - Bornholm X

    Airport Lights

    Official light systems marking runways, taxiways, and ramps at night are portrayed accurately throughout the airport. Ramps are lighted with flood lights on towers, and their light is cast on the ground naturally. Directional signs for taxiways and runways are correctly lighted from within.

    Approach lighting for runways 11 and 29 consist of numerous parallel bars of three high-intensity lights with no sequenced flashing lights. Although this configuration differs from what we in the United States are accustomed to, it appears consistent with the British HIALS. They are accurate representations of the real-world airport's approach lighting, based on the best information I could find. The four-light PAPIs are to each runway's left, consistent with real-world descriptions.

    Airport Lighting
    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design

    Runway 11

    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design


    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design



    The passenger terminal from groundside viewpoints and its passenger access and egress are depicted accurately compared with real-world photos, as are roads leading to the airport, its parking lot, and its passenger terminal. Static vehicles are parked throughout the parking lot and at the terminal's entrance, including a shuttle bus.

    Ground Side
    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design

    Passenger Parking

    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design

    Terminal Access

    Outside the Airport

    Vidan Design promises realistic snow textures, hundreds of hand-placed trees, new autogen buildings, and custom-made farm buildings, warehouses, and residential buildings.

    In Vidan's scenery, which extends several miles to the airport's west, areas around the airport and Rønne are well populated with farmlands represented with innumerable trees and miscellaneous buildings that do not appear in the default FSX scenery. Clusters of houses immediately to the east and west of the airport are seen in the scenery. A small marina with a long pedestrian causeway is shown near the residential area at the east end of the airport.

    Town of Rønne

    Rønne, a few miles west of the airport, is rendered by Vidan Design in deep detail. Its expanse of historic red-roofed houses and shops surrounded by modern office buildings, manufacturing plants, and warehouses are easily recognizable from aloft. The harbor with its passenger, military, recreational, and cargo facilities is rendered accurately, and its details are readily distinguishable to the left as aircraft approach runway 11 for landing. St Nicolas' Church is easily recognizable from all viewpoints. Vidan's scenery also shows surface mines (or rock quarries) in three dimensions just outside the Rønne urban area to its north.

    Rønne and Harbor
    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design
    Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design Bornholm Airport by Vidan Design

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