• Max Rex Episode 2

    Max Rex Episode 2 - Danger In The Caribbean Final

    By Gerardo Godoy Canova

    Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ruled as a dictator of the Dominican Republic from 1930 and Max hated to come to this forsaken place. He could not stand despots like this killer who had this country looking like it was the eighteen hundreds. He had once bombed the walls of one of the dictator's prison where he had placed most of his political prisoners and knew that if he was discovered he would be taken in as fast as ice cream melts in the hot Latin sun! Just like Batista in Cuba these beasts would some day be toppled but in the mean time they would cause havoc in their countries.

    Max feared this for many countries in Latin America but he had a feeling that Cuba also would always be mishandled by despots, the twentieth century would have to endure these in-humans and part of the twenty first too. With the Nazis unraveling Europe and gobbling up countries to his pleasure Hitler would make sure war was soon to be the day to day. Inside he was happy for this assignment and meant to finish it off successfully. He would find the Nazi island and make sure it was destroyed with all the rats there and any other of their cohorts. He knew the Japs were also messing around the Caribbean and South America these goons had made China suffer for almost a decade now.

    The DC-5 rumbled with a sweet tune to Max's ears and puffy clouds were all over the sky but no thunder clouds could be seen anywhere. Strange but good, thought the pilot. The flight gave Max the opportunity to make tests to the plane's instrumentation. He had a real nice radio direction finder which Max believed would help him locate the Nazi's island if they used their transmitters.

    Some time later the Dominican mountains showed over the horizon and Max lowered his altitude. He was very satisfied how the new DC-5 was behaving and happy to have it. But as the weather changes in the Caribbean he noticed some thundershowers to his left and right, so he prepared for a bumpy ride down to his destination.

    It was now raining pretty hard as the famous pilot made his approach to the airfield. He got a green light from the tower and proceeded to the runway making a perfect, even if faster than usual, landing. He slowly followed a broken down "follow me car" to a dilapidated hangar by a Pan Am DC-3 taking on cargo, the rain had stopped and the hot island sun was braking through the dark clouds.

    "Pasaporte Senor" a fat, sandwich eating army Sargent said to Max as he walked into the airport building.

    Max handed the man his passport, with his picture wearing his air force uniform. The man looked at it with disdain and took a long look at Max. He took a rubber stamp and hit a page hard. "What an idiot" thought Max looking at the soldier with a straight face.

    "What is your business here, Captain?" asked the fat man.

    "I am visiting a friend who lives here" answered Max lighting a cigar.

    "How long will you stay?" came back the army man taking a bite of his sandwich like object.

    "Just a day or so then I leave".

    "OK, go on to your friend, we will watch your plane until you leave" said the fat man and returned his passport.

    Max walked away without saying a word. He smiled a few paces away, the fake passport that Col. McPherson had given him had worked perfectly, he was now Captain Elver Goodright. As he walked to the main entrance of the airport building a short man with a red hat approached him and said.

    "Captain Goodright, I have a car for you, Miss Mira asked me to take you to her hotel, sir".

    Max looked at the small man and looked around. "I guess this is real" he thought and followed the man to a yellow Chevrolet with taxi markings. The man opened the door for him and said "Don't worry captain I am Miss Mira's helper and she told me that if you showed any apprehension just to say "Max Rex, pilot and gentleman".

    That was the secret code the colonel had told him to expect when he arrived in the Dominican island. Max smiled and got into the taxi.

    After a thirty minute drive over a muddy potholed road the taxi took a right turn and entered the dirty battered city. In a few minutes they arrived at the Excelsior Hotel where Mira passed as the administrator. Max entered the wooden building with his pilot bag and walked to a large front desk.

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