• Vidan Design - Danish Airfields X - Tuno

    Vidan Design - Danish Airfields X - Tuno

    Danish Airfields X - Tuno is a realistic and highly detailed scenery of the island of Tuno and Tuno Airfield. The island of Tuno is a small idyllic and beautiful island in the Kattegat Sea, situated between the larger island of Samso and the east coast of Jutland, ca. 25 kilometers southeast of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. The island of Tuno covers an area of 3.52 km2 and has 118 inhabitants. The island of Tuno is a protected area of importance for wildlife, flora and fauna. No cars are allowed on Tuno, so you either have to walk, cycle or grab a "Traxa", a "Tractor taxi", to get around. The airfield on Tuno is a small private airfield. Landing and takeoff at Tuno Airfield requires great care from the pilot. The landing strip (07/25) is only 309 meters and is sloping towards the beach. Tuno has only one village, Tuno by. Here you can visit the church, which dates back to the 14th century. The tower functions as both a church tower and a lighthouse. On the island of Tuno, you will a find rich and varied bird life, and in the sea around the island you can see both seals and small whales. Danish Airfields X - Tuno is designed to be used on a standard FSX Acceleration/SP2 installation under DirectX 9. The scenery is not compatible with "DirectX 10 preview".


    • Accurate and highly detailed rendition of the island of Tuno and Tuno Airfield
    • Aerial image covering the island of Tuno (all seasons and night version included)
    • Custom made vegetation (volumetric grass, bushes, flowers)
    • Detailed scenery of Tuno Harbour
    • Custom modeled objects, farm buildings and vehicles
    • Animations (windsock, birds and more)
    • A lot of small details to discover!
    • Manual in English


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