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    Avro Anson Collection

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    Avro Anson

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    Avro Aircraft's Anson was a British twin-engine transport used by many air forces before, during, and after World War II. Named after British Admiral George Anson, it was designed and introduced during the mid-1930s as an advancement of the Avro 652 civilian model. Although used primarily for training bomber pilots, the Anson was also used for support operations such as coastal patrol and rescue, and it was involved in some aerial combat events. About 35 militaries around the world used Ansons for one purpose or another. More than 11,000 had been built when production ended in 1952. Many were used for civilian transports for years after the war. Military uses ended in 1968.

    An Avro Anson was used in the Australian television mini series "The Great Air Race," according to Wikipedia.

    Two Avro Ansons collided in midair over New South Wales, Australia, in September 1940, and became stuck together, ultimately landing safely in their once-in-a-lifetime configuration. (Wikipedia)

    For basic understanding, the Avro Anson is about twice the size and almost twice the weight of the Beechcraft Baron 58 and about half the size and weight of the Douglas DC-3. I cannot compare the Avro Ansons by FSAddon to any other Avro Ansons that might have been produced by any other flight-sim developers because I haven't reviewed any others.

    Avro Anson Specifications
    Specification Value
    Occupants Military 5 crew
    Occupants Civilian 2 crew
    9 passengers
    Empty Weight 6,640 LB
    3,012 KG
    Maximum Weight 8,600 LB
    3,901 KG
    Useful Load 1,960 LB
    889 KG
    Fuel Capacity 140 Gal
    530 L
    Cruising Speed 158 MPH
    138 KIAS
    254 KPH
    Maximum Speed 188 MPH
    164 KIAS
    303 KPH
    Ceiling 19,200 Ft
    5,856 M
    Range 790 NM
    1,463 KM
    Specification Value
    Length 42 FT
    13 M
    Wingspan 56 FT
    17 M
    Engine 2 Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah IXs
    Power 2 x 345 HP
    257 KW
    Source: FSAddon
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    1. ianwarren's Avatar
      ianwarren -
      This is a great little package, I can vouch for the internals off the military variants based from the Avro Anson at the Wigram Airforce Museum here at Christchurch New Zealand, Simon really did a fantastic job of this, even right down to the little tractor, It really is a goodie.
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      Hi Bill,
      Thanks so much for your review of the Anson & I really enjoy your articles. We have one (non flying) at our Air Force Museum at Ysterplaat Air Force Base, Cape Town, South Africa.

      Kind Regards,
    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      A nice, detailed, review of one of my favourite aircraft (my father did his RAF navigation training in Ansons). A few mystifying technical errors from Mr Stack:

      He says the inner ASI dial runs from 22 to 32 mph and the outer from 60 to 200 mph, leaving a "blind spot" for pilots. In fact the inner dial is a continuation of the outer dial's scale, running from 200 to 320 mph. A very common arrangement on ASIs of this period.

      He reports that the Nav-1 radio tuner only has one decimal place and so wouldn't pick up Manchester VOR. Perhaps it's an ADF radio, Bill? A VOR receiver wouldn't make any sense in an Anson, but they certainly had ADF (the loop aerial on the fuselage).

      The forward crew station he mentions is not for a gunner (the pilot operated the fixed forward machine gun). It's for the bomb aimer.
    1. DCA996's Avatar
      DCA996 -
      The Avro Anson was a significant part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Program, (BCATP) that was based in Canada using 100+ airfields built from scratch for the purpose of training allied aircrew. Over 138,000 aircrew graduated from the BCATP between 1940 and 1945. It was refered to by the President of America as "the aerodrome of Democracy".
      A large package of scenery for FSX representing most of the stations of the BCATP can be downloaded from the Flight Ontario website.

    1. Speedbird ATC's Avatar
      Speedbird ATC -
      The ifly 747 has been out for 3 days and its not in news
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