• Carenado Bonanza F33A For X-Plane Updated

    Carenado F33A Bonanza

    Carenado has updated their F33A Bonanza for X-Plane to version 3.0.

    Special Features

    • Only for X-Plane 10.30 or higher.
    • X-Plane 64-bit compatible.
    • Includes improved default X-Plane 10.30 GNS430.
    • Plugin-enhanced
    • FPS-optimized model.
    • NEW! Scroll wheel support
    • DDS textures for faster load times and optimization


    • KFC150 Autopilot
    • Normal mapping effects.
    • IFR certification.
    • 280 pixels/meter textures
    • Fully interactive virtual cockpit.
    • Opening doors (with engine sounds entering from the outside when doors open)
    • Full HDR next-generation custom lighting, inside and outside.
    • 3D Custom sounds with multiple engine tracks; plane sounds different from the back than from the front.
    • 3D animated pilot with reflective sunglasses.
    • Realistic volumentric-looking propeller.
    • Many details, such as: pitot pressure chamber, antennas, fuel caps, yoke, moving key ring and moving radio cable.
    • Custom night-lit panel and gauges.
    • Toggle yoke visibility in VC.
    • Pop-up menus for control over camera view snaps, volume, options, and Field of View.
    • Accurately reproduced flight characteristics.


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    1. sparky347's Avatar
      sparky347 -
      That X-plane was a lost cause. Not sure why they are even wasting their time on these things
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