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    Reborn Airwego have all but completed their first month of operations and its so far, so good.

    Pilot numbers haven't quite reached anticipated levels, but it's early days yet, and may even have been a blessing in disguise. Though far from being newcomers to the VA world, Airwego CO, Richard Myers and Ops Manager, Danny Cleavely have had a busy time with "the new baby" and the learning curve has been steep.

    The months of planning that went into the venture have paid dividends as problems have been few, but that's not to say everything is perfect.

    Airwego's small fleet has proven satisfactory, but changes are on the horizon with a possible change of aircraft and plans for additions to the fleet. Also, the planned European hub is almost finalised and will be announced early in 2015, probably to coincide with the seasonal schedule changes.

    Planning future improvements and packaging of aircraft is a time consuming part of running a VA, and with this in mind, Airwego have announced that a Fleet Manager has been appointed. Brian Mason brings his expertise and experience to Airwego and has been very active already. Apart from his obvious skills, Brian was chosen as he fully supports the Airwego way of doing things, and shares their vision of the path the VA treads, an essential to a smooth operation.

    This last week has seen Airwego's Winter Schedule come into operations with new destinations for winter sun breaks and, of course, skiing resorts. The yearly fun of an Innsbruck landing is back. A nice little challenge!

    The first month of operations has been very successful with a small but dedicated band of active pilots. Some started very slowly but once they had completed their first flights, they were soon back on the flight deck preparing for their next.

    Airwego are hoping to recruit more pilots with the same attitude, pilots that are into a relaxed environment, with a chance to influence the future of the VA they are flying with, and be part of a small but dedicated community that has fun at the front of its interests. Give them a try, they are just a few clicks away!

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      gdumbrell -
      I've recently joined as one of their pilots and it's great fun. So relaxed whereas other VA's can be too heavy on the rules. Depends on what you want really but Airwego was certainly a good choice on my part.
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