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    UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X

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    Bill Stack

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    Sheremetyevo Intl Airport by Drzewiecki Design

    Source: Drzewiecki Designs

    Sheremetyevo International Airport (UUEE) is one of three major airports serving the metropolis of greater Moscow in Russia. It is pronounced as spelled: Shĕ-rĕ-mĕt-yĕ-vō, where the ĕ is pronounced like "pet." As the second-largest airport in Russia and the base hub for Aeroflot Airlines, it handles more than 29 million passengers and almost a quarter-million operations annually. It has two parallel concrete runways exceeding 11,000 feet (3,355 meters), six terminals, and various support facilities such as maintenance hangars and fuel-depots. Located outside the Moscow urban area 18 miles (29 kilometers) north/northwest of the city center, it is accessed by major expressways and commuter rail.

    In June 2013, the infamous spy/hero Edward J. Snowden began his nearly six-week residence at Sheremetyevo before being granted temporary asylum by the Russian government. He's a contemptible traitor in the eyes of some Americans and a courageous hero in the eyes of others.

    Scenery Location
    FSX Globe Sheremetyevo Intl Airport by Drzewiecki Design

    Drzewiecki Design's Sheremetyevo International Airport

    Sheremetyevo International Airport by Drzewiecki Design depicts the airport proper and surrounding areas for FSX and P3D in remarkable detail and accuracy.

    Sheremetyevo Airport Overall

    Drzewiecki's advanced depiction of this airport is obvious as soon as is appears. Terminals, support buildings, movement areas, and pavement markings stand out against the standard FSX depiction of the surrounding area. Compared to Google and Bing satellite photos, Google street-view photos, other real-world photos, and official airport charts, Drzewiecki's Sheremetyevo Airport is accurate wherever I look.

    Overall Airport
    Sheremetyevo Intl Airport by Drzewiecki Design Sheremetyevo Intl Airport by Drzewiecki Design Sheremetyevo Intl Airport by Drzewiecki Design

    Airport Details

    Drzewiecki says its Sheremetyevo Airport scenery is up to date including newly constructed terminals, aprons, and taxiways. This is important because much of this 50-year-old airport has been built or renovated since FSX was released in 2006.

    Close inspections show the extent of Drzewiecki's detailed rendering of this large and busy airport. Every airport facility shown on the official airport diagram and seen in real-world photos is rendered to the smallest component. All passenger and cargo terminals, their gates and jetways, all large and small hangars, the fuel-storage tanks, and numerous other structures are depicted accurately in position and appearance. Their walls, windows, doors, rooftops, and signage are all as seen in the real-world photos. Skylights, air-conditioning units, and lighted signs on the rooftops and facades are depicted accurately. Pavement surfaces show aggregate, cracks, and tire marks. Signs and pavement markings are exactly as seen in the charts and photos. Radar and approach lighting equipment are correctly positioned and depicted. Even areas under construction are shown by Drzewiecki as of the most current photos.

    Miscellaneous airport equipment such as fuel trucks, tow trucks, and baggage carts are realistically scattered about as static objects, and some equipment moves about as animated objects. The absence of static aircraft parked at gates enables flight simmers to use any gate desired.

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