• Resurrection of Airwego VA

    Airwego VA

    The resurrection of Airwego VA is now complete and its doors officially opened on October 1st 2014.

    This follows months of hard work from ex Airwego officers Richard Myers and Daniel Cleavely, who, after a chance remark, decided to resurrect a VA that is very close to their hearts. Both left the original Airwego due to increasing real world commitments but continued to follow its fortunes.

    As the years passed neither found quite the same "buzz" although they were by now flying with other VA's. At one point they found themselves flying for the same VA, and during an evening chat the subject of Airwego's demise was mentioned. By the end of the conversation, plans were being made.

    With a great deal of help from MyAir founder, Andy King, the new Airwego web site, www.airwego.org.uk, began to take shape and now, months later, Airwegois flying again.

    Ex Airwego pilots were contacted first, forging a link to its past, and these pilots are now back in the fold, with hopefully, more to follow.

    Airwego are now accepting pilot applications from pilots who like to have a little fun, with as few rules as possible. If you think this kind of VA is for you, take a "walk" around their web site and find out more. You would be very welcome to share the very same "buzz".

    1. airplayva's Avatar
      airplayva -
      That's great news. Well done guys: it's good to have you back in the skies
    1. caal0403's Avatar
      caal0403 -
      Good luck gents.

      Caal Airways
    1. Channex020's Avatar
      Channex020 -
      Welcome back Airwego its been to long..
    1. glehning's Avatar
      glehning -
      Good Luck
    1. vuldalm's Avatar
      vuldalm -
      Thanks for the comments everyone! Airwego has had a lot of PIREPS filed in the first week so well done to the new pilots!
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