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    Learjet 24B

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    Bill Stack

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    Learjet 24B by Lionheart Creations

    Image From Lionheart Creations

    Learjet 24B was the second in the long series of business jets designed and produced by Learjet Corporation. It was larger than the original Model 23 to meet the full 13,500-pound (6,123-kilogram) gross weight allowed by aviation regulations. Several other features were added or improved, such as more powerful engines and increased pressurization to enable higher altitudes and wing-tip fuel tanks to enable longer range. It first flew in 1966.

    The Model 24 and its predecessor Model 23 are explicitly identified by the U.S. government as requiring modifications to meet modern noise-reduction standards by 31 December 2015 or be grounded thereafter.

    Compared to the Learjet 45 in FSX, the 24B is smaller, lighter, less powerful, and not as fast.

    Learjet 24B Versus Learjet 45
    Specification LJ 24B LJ 45
    Occupants 8 9
    Empty Weight 7,130 LB
    3,234 KG
    11,700 LB
    5,307 KG
    Max Gross Weight 13,500 LB
    6,123 KG
    20,450 LB
    9,276 KG
    Useful Load 6,370 LB
    2,889 KG
    8,750 LB
    3,969 KG
    Fuel Capacity 5,629 LB
    2,553 KG
    6,062 LB
    2,750 KG
    Cruising Speed 416 KTS
    770 KPH
    0.77 M
    464 KTS
    859 KPH
    0.81 M
    Maximum Speed 473 KTS
    876 KPH
    0.88 mach
    463 KTS
    858 KPH
    0.81 mach
    Ceiling 45,000 FT
    13,725 M
    51,000 FT
    15,555 M
    Range 1,472 NM
    2,726 KM
    1,710 NM
    3,167 KM
    Length 43 FT
    13 M
    58 FT
    18 M
    Wing Span 36 FT
    11 M
    48 FT
    15 M
    Power 2 @ 2,950 LB
    2 @ 1,338 KG
    2 @ 3,500 LB
    2 @ 1,588 KG
    Sources: Lionheart & FSX

    Lionheart Creations' Learjet 24B

    Lionheart promises a long list of features in its Learjet 24B including high-resolution graphics, eight paint schemes with various interiors, elaborate instrument panel, and unique animations and sounds. (The Pilot Shop's product description mistakenly says there are nine paint schemes.)

    Designer Bill Ortis says his team went out of its way to make this Learjet 24B as close as possible to the real thing. "From what my research gathered," he explains, "I went from photos online and this is what I found and created."

    This Learjet 24B is for Microsoft Flight Simulator X® and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D®. The developer explicitly states that it will not work on X-Plane. I reviewed the FSX version. All screen shots are by me unless otherwise attributed.

    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      Beautiful aircraft!! Handles very well. Instrument panel easy to understand and operate. Lots of little features you do not normally expect. Very enjoyable to fly. Well worth the money! 5 STARS!
    1. target1331's Avatar
      target1331 -
      I'm sorry but the exterior is not that realistic, especially the front. The nose it too fat and the cockpit windows are waaaaaay too big and at a wrong angle. Similarly the engines are more akin to the fatter engines on an Eclipse jet sized up to match the engine from the 24. Here a pic of a real 24: http://www.airteamimages.com/bombard...669_large.html
      The interior looks great though and I think people that usually fly more from the inside are probably pleased with it.
    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      I think it looks spot on, and a terrific looker at that. Hats off to William.
    1. monginell's Avatar
      monginell -
      I know this is picky, nut i'm an aircraft engineer so it matters. How can the LJ45 have a cruising speed of 464kts and a maximum speed of 463kts??
    1. antaris's Avatar
      antaris -

      Lovely job in this one. Keep up the good work.
      Sergio K.
    1. CaptJazz's Avatar
      CaptJazz -
      I am usinh dx 10 and surprising havent encountered any issues. The window glass is a bit dark from the flight deck but for an add on that is not designed for dx 10, it aint a show stopper. Good job William
    1. normac's Avatar
      normac -
      The reviewer needs to look at the fuel management again so that he doesn't confuse fuel transfer from the fuselage tank with fuel dumping from the wingtip tanks. Then he'll not think there is an "unusual animation".
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