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    Grenada X by Richer Simulations

    From Richer Simulations

    Grenada is an island nation in the southern Caribbean Sea near Venezuela. The nation consists of one large island named "Grenada," one smaller island named "Carriacou," and several smaller islands. Its capital is Saint George's on Grenada Island. Grenada is nicknamed "Spice Island" or "Spice Isle" because it is among the world's larger producers of nutmeg and mace.

    These islands were colonized by France in the mid 1600s and ceded to England about 100 years later. Grenada has been an independent nation since the 1970s. A military coup in 1983 led to an incursion by United States to rescue American medical students studying there. Grenada has been a stable democracy since then.

    Two airports serve Grenada: Maurice Bishop International (TGPY) on the main is the nation's largest and busiest. Lauriston Airport serves Carriacou island, which is the country's second-largest.

    Scenery Location
    FSX Globe Grenada X by Richer Simulations

    Richer Simulation's Grenada

    Grenada X photo-realistic scenery by Richer Simulations covers 344 square kilometers of the main island, several smaller uninhabited islands nearby, and waters around these islands.

    The scenery consists of recent satellite imagery laid atop a 10-meter terrain mesh that is more accurate than the stock FSX terrain mesh. The visible texture ranges from 1.2 meters per pixel to 15 centimeters per pixel according to Richer's product description, but the product description is not clear about where the higher and lower resolutions are used. Maybe the larger resolution is used in the lesser developed areas, and the finer resolution is used in the more populated areas.

    The sharper, 15cm/px resolution requires users to reset their FSX scenery-display settings. Seeing the difference depends on the quality of the user's graphics card and monitor. Higher resolutions can diminish frame rates, however.

    Richer's corrected terrain mesh accurately shows the island's contours along the seacoast, around the city of Saint George's, and up the mountain sides and peaks. The photo-realistic texture shows populated areas along the coastlines and extending up the mountainsides all around the island. It also shows realistic coastlines, beaches, cliffs, and offshore reefs. Major features seen in real-world satellite photos on the Internet are seen in Richer's terrain.

    Richer Simulations' Grenada X
    Grenada X by Richer Simulations Grenada X by Richer Simulations Grenada X by Richer Simulations

    Autogenerated objects scattered about the island add life to the scenery. Buildings, street lights, vehicles, and more than 28,000 custom autogenerated trees are placed throughout the scenery area.

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