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    The Ultimate 757 Collection

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    Bill Otten

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    In the early part of 2011 Quality Wings released the Ultimate 757 Collection. Prior to that time, there had only been a couple of renderings of the Boeing 757 for FS2004 by Captain Sim and Just Flight. When FSX came along, Captain Sim released a version of the 757 which ultimately became the commercial offering from Just Flight. The Quality Wings Ultimate 757 Collection came along with the idea of 'complexity simplified'. In a nutshell, taking the complexity of a modern flight sim model and simplifying it to a reasonable level. Why? Because modelling every switch and function of an extreme aircraft, and the flight dynamics, and detail of the aircraft down to every nut and bolt exceeds even the most advanced PC available today. The result is often disappointing if a model is taken to extremes. Frame rates suffer, the cockpit experience (even though very realistic) becomes nearly overwhelming to manage, and trying to juggle the tasks of pilot, copilot, and or flight engineer single handedly gets to a frustrating level.

    QualityWings Ultimate 757

    Quality Wings version - The Ultimate 757 Collection, puts the emphasis on the enjoyment of flying again. Don't get me wrong - this is not a dumbed-down aircraft. There is still plenty of simulation and flight systems to deal with, the detail is all still there, and the package lacks nothing. All Quality Wings has done is make the model frame rate and sim friendly so that our hours can be spent flying. As literature from Quality Wings states it "the Ultimate 757 Collection is the most extensive 757 package ever created for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There is truly something for everyone. Every 757 ever to come off the line from has been reproduced for your enjoyment. And with Mid-Level systems programming, we've simplified the simming experience while providing you the look and feel that makes the 757 such a special airplane to fly."

    This is a new version of the prior package. The Ultimate 757 Collection is now at Version 1.3, and Service Pack 3. Completely updated over time, Quality Wings has continued to improve the presentation, performance, and programming of their collection to bring it to and maintain it as a state of the art simulation. Here is a Quality Wings list of the improvements implemented in this version and service pack:

    Service Pack 3
    Version 1.
    3 Release Date February 2014

    Platform Support:

    Product installation into Prepar3D now available (unsupported)


    • 2D Panel (757-300) - Flap Placard Typo showing 757-200
    • 2D Panel (757-300) - Flap Placard Speeds Incorrect
    • 2D Panel - Unable to switch from standby to active Comm frequency in 2D popup
    • Aircraft Performance: Max Indicated Airspeed Value corrected (Was too low contributing to premature aircraft overspeed warnings during certain conditions)
    • Autopilot - Aircraft drifts off LNAV course in direct crosswinds.
    • Autoflight (FLCH Mode) - when leveling off A/T grabs the current speed instead of the MCP window speed.
    • Autopilot - In descent when transitioning from VNAV to SPD or FLCH to SPD a high speed value is entered into speed window causing overspeed.
    • Exterior Models - Specular Shine Excessive
    • Exterior Models - Logo Light Mapping Issue
    • Exterior Models - MLG Door Mapping Issue
    • Exterior Models - Bump Map MIP Maps Added for better visual quality across broad range of views
    • FMS - Legs Page, Intersecting Radials, not always calculated correctly.
    • FMS - CTD when airport with large number of Approach waypoints is selected (LFRS, EDDF)
    • FMS -Flight plan does not clear when power goes out.
    • FMS - 'FIX' page does not display DTG, ALT, etc. info, add this info to the Fix page.
    • FMS - 'FIX' page does not allow distance only, or radial only entry.
    • FMS - VNAV Climb ignores LEGS altitude restrictions
    • FMS - incorrect scratchpad entry when restriction LSK (R) is selected.
    • EFIS - ND/EHSI draws flight plan route line through Discontinuity point(s).
    • EFIS - Vert Dev display sometimes not correct
    • Sounds: Residual Engine Sounds after engine shutdown
    • TMSP - Add CLB1, CLB2 TMSP support.

    1. HillBillyJim's Avatar
      HillBillyJim -
      Great,great plane.
    1. BoromirX's Avatar
      BoromirX -
      I've been flying this plane ever since its initial release and I think it might be my favorite payware jetliner.
      Great work from QW...and thanks for the review!
    1. mangoes's Avatar
      mangoes -
      I like the way it's a 'get up and go' airliner, simple start procedures, ability to import flightplans directly from FSX or externally and fly STAR and SID. Good looks and performance and livery availability makes this up there with the best.
    1. Bossman24's Avatar
      Bossman24 -
      One of my favorite payware products! Worth every penny.
    1. raphaelmckitrick's Avatar
      raphaelmckitrick -
      Totally agree! Great features, great sound package as well. My favorite of the jetliners.
    1. HI711SP's Avatar
      HI711SP -
      excellent product !!! azaming!!! only bad thing is they not considering FS9 for the 787 and 737 there is a lot of us FS9 still around !!!
    1. bmobydick909's Avatar
      bmobydick909 -
      My QW 757 will not install it says I need a F9.1 update how and where can I get this since there is no longer anymore support for this by MS.. Please help me !!
    1. bmobydick909's Avatar
      bmobydick909 -
      OOPS I meant FS9.1 UPDATE............ MAYDAY MAYDAY
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