• Another HJG Website Update

    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have recently added another 32 high-quality files to its growing virtual flightline of quality FS freeware for both FS2004 and FSX.

    Among this selection of its newest B720, B727, DC9, KC135, and MD80 texture files (featuring interesting and historic airline liveries from Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, former Jugoslavia, Peru, Spain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA .... and for aircraft which flew dsuring the 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and until more recent times) are FDE upgrades/improvements for its previously released classic CV880-22, -22M, and rare -22 freighter conversion along with a brand-new/custom aircraft base pack file for the equally rare classic CV880-22M/F freighter conversion also.

    For more specific information regarding the latest and greatest FS freeware from HJG then please refer to the groups following forum announcement.

    "IF" one's not, yet, flown an HJG simulation .... then .... one's really missing out on some the very best classic jetliner "FREEWARE" currently available for MSFS.

    HJG is hosted by simviation.com and located at the following web site address:


    1. revkev's Avatar
      revkev -
      I followed this link to HJG and tried to add a DC8-61 to my hangar and wasted an hour and a half trying to install it without any success. Even with textures added the aircraft would not show up in the list and the panel installation was a disaster. I changed the line as directed and then received all sorts of "can't do that" type of messages. In the end I simply deleted all of the entries in total frustration. Contrary to the comment about "the very best..jet freeware.." I wouldn't waste my time any more even considering them
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      "Can't do that" type of messages suggest that you have issues with your flight sim installation, like installing it in the Program Files (X86) default directory that's often a cause of permission problems. I've not tried the DC8-61, but I've successfully installed other HJG models with no problems, and they look and fly great.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      It's a pitty "REVKEV" appears to have experienced the difficulties he indicates having to contend with. There are no problems with any of the HJG DC8 simulations .... "provided they are installed correctly to start with".

      The HJG DC8 simulations have been around for many years now and are very well understood. 99.999 % of all/any reported issues are the result of end user misunderstandin/misinterpretation of the installation protocol

      HJG "IS" happy to assist troubleshooting this particular issue for this particular customer .... BUT .... this (the FLIGHTSIM.COM website Home Page/News Page) "is not" the place to do this or to seek assistance nor express one's disatisfaction in the event that things don't appear go according to plan.

      I therefore invite "REVKEV" (and anyone else) to post their problem/s on the HJG SUPPORT forum .... in order to try'n resolve his particular issue. That's what the HJG website SUPPORT forum pages are there for and the group does pride itself in both the manner in which it "tries" to assist folk reporting any issues (at all) as well as the success rate it achieves in doing so.

      "FLTLDAVE" .... thanks for your iinput .... and we do "hope" we/HJG will have opportunity to get "REVKEV" up and running/flying .... BUT .... through the long established SUPPORT channels on the HJG website forum.

      Mark C
    1. revkev's Avatar
      revkev -
      Thanks for your comments, Mark. I am not a great user of forums but I will try and get into it (I don't use forums very much at all) and see if we can get the problem resolved. Also thanks to ftldave for your suggestion but I don't, at this stage, think the problem is with my installation of FS9 because I was able to save the new panel line when editing the panel.cfg file while trying to install a panel in a different aircraft.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      "GLAD" to "TRY" to help you "REVKEV" .... but .... it "IS" very important that you (everyone whom feels they have may any issue to be resolved) post your particular issue on the HJG SUPPORT forum pages.

      HJG is of the opinion that doing such will ultimately aid a great many more people than whom ever actually ask any particular question in the first instance.

      Pop across to the HJG forum .... please.

      Share your experience with us .... explaining "precisely" what you've done .... and we'll be glad to "TRY" to advise you as best we can in order to hopefully get you off the virtual ground.

      We're able to resolve 9 out of 10 issues to the satisfaction of most people.

      Mark C
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