• Review: Aerosoft - Night Environment British Isles

    Night Environment British Isles

    Publisher: Aerosoft

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    Nigel Martin

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    Recently I have been drawn to night flying, really enjoying some VFR, and of course many IFR flights. But I have been amazed there has not been a real effort by a developer to create some night lighting enhancements that offer many pilots the chance to experience an environment that many of us have flown in, in real life, and provides an exciting new dimension to the FSX experience.


    OK, I have some upgraded airports and lighting enhancements, but I felt I was lacking 'something', something that would make the experience that much more accurate. I have been looking for ages, and 'low and behold' trolling through the Pilot Shop, there it was, Aerosoft's offering, as I am in the UK, this British Isles enhancement was a must.

    If I was brutally honest, the price seemed very reasonable, verging on 'cheap' and that doctrine came to mind, "you only get what you paid for" sprang to mind. But some of the screen shots just made me leap to my wallet! Duly paid for, downloaded the file, which took a fair time, but not an exorbitant length of time. Anyway, my simple logic, a good file size as a download normally indicates a good product... We will see.

    Installed, without too much trouble. OK, I did experience some issues, but these were due to my own inaptitude rather than the product I feel.

    At this stage I would urge you visit Aerosoft's own web site, as you can access a copy of the installation notes, which are easy to access and read, however, in the download you have this as a PDF Manual doc, as an example of the very clear and informative guidance notes:

    With the installation successfully behind me, and with some trepidation, I started FSX. The sign appears updating scenery files, always a good sign of correct installation of any add-on scenery file. From the FSX menu, I positioned myself at Heathrow, and waited... There it was, an incredible sight, the lighting was, well, photorealistic in every way. The subtleties in lighting tone, whites and orange, and incredible taxi lighting was evident, jaw dropingly realistic, incredible. So much so I emailed a copy of the picture to a BA pilot pal of mine, and he simply could not believe it was a flight simulator! Accolade indeed...

    1. judeb's Avatar
      judeb -
      All the Night Environment series have been updated to 1.1 and are compatible with Prepar3D.
      When will the Pilot Shop be updated with the new versions?

      Kind Regards,

      Jude (excellent product and recommended).
    1. Ragtopjohnny's Avatar
      Ragtopjohnny -
      Hey Jude - I can tell you that the products ARE updated by the PUBLISHER in the Pilot Shop. I bought the Flysimware Velocity XL RG and there was a problem with the installer that they did update. Be patient, it will be there.
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