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    Boeing 737-200C

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    Boeing 737-200 by Milviz

    Image From Milviz Military Visualizations

    Boeing's 737-200 was the second version of this venerable aircraft. Launched in 1965 with orders from United Airlines, it was six feet (two meters) longer than the original 737-100. The 200C version (for "convertible") allowed for quick conversion between passenger and cargo capabilities. Typical seating ranged from 100 to 130 persons depending on configuration, which was usually six across in coach and four across in first class when used. Boeing built 1,095 of the 200C models between 1967 and 1988. The 200C with a gravel kit, which inhibited gravel and debris from entering the engine, is still used in remote areas where gravel runways are common, such as northern Canada and Alaska. The United States Air Force ordered 19 as navigation trainers and converted some to standard transport aircraft and designated "CT-43A."

    Real World Boeing 737-200s

    Source: Airliners Net

    The 737-200C rendered by Milviz is shorter and lighter than the 737-800 depicted by FSX, and it consequently carried fewer passengers and less cargo for shorter distances. My descriptions provide a general overview of these airliners, and my table shows how the 200C model compares to the stock FSX 800 model. Detailed descriptions and data are available from Milviz and other sources.

    Boeing 737 Specifications
    Specification 200C1 8002
    Seating 115-130 189
    Empty Weight 60,600 lb
    27,448 kg
    90,710 lb
    41,145 kg
    Max Take-off Weight 115,500 lbs
    52,390 kg
    174,200 lbs
    79,010 kg
    Useful Load 54,900 lbs
    24,942 kg
    83,490 lbs
    37,865 kg
    Fuel Capacity 33,755 lb
    15,311 kg
    46,063 lb
    26,022 kg
    Cruising Speed 500 kts
    927 kph
    477 kts
    853 kph
    Maximum Speed 509 kts
    943 kph
    475 kts
    876 kph
    Ceiling 35,000 ft
    10,675 m
    41,000 ft
    12,505 m
    Range 2,300 nm
    4,260 km
    3,060 nm
    5,425 km
    Length 100 ft
    31 m
    130 ft
    40 m
    Wing Span 93 ft
    29 m
    113 ft
    34 m
    Power 2 17,400 lb x 2
    27,300 lb x 2
    Sources: 1 Airliners.Net, 2 FSX

    1. naruto kun's Avatar
      naruto kun -
      Let me clear up a little misconception about DirectX versions and the cockpit lighting....The DX11/10 lighting is totally independent of the DirectX version of the simulator. It is an external graphics engine on its own that plugs into FSX's textures in order to render the lighting the way we want it to. So you can run the DX11 cockpit lighting in FSX regardless of whether FSX is running DX9 or 10. It is much better in appearance when using DX11 and it is also much faster to render thanks to GPU shader processing..
    1. p51d1's Avatar
      p51d1 -
      Thanx Nurato for that advice. Although being flying FSX for a year now, and still learning the works.
      I purchased the Milviz 732 a few months ago, and still have a great time flying it Gives me a break from those B737NG's which I do enjoy. But I missed the classics, and well...Milviz has done a brilliant job. Great support from the guys as well. Latest version I got is with service pack 5.
    1. longyear's Avatar
      longyear -
      Wow Milviz seriously need to update their documentation, with regards to the comment in this review "the LVL and EPR switches are not operable until the next patch release". This was true on release, but Jonathan Beaker (the gauge programmer) added the working EPR and LVL CH functions over a year ago! ... they work - EPR sets N1 thrust and LVL CH is used for climbing and descending; to adjust aircraft pitch to maintain a forward airspeed.
    1. naruto kun's Avatar
      naruto kun -
      Good point ill mention that to the boss

      (p.s. its bleeker btw )
    1. spreilly's Avatar
      spreilly -
      I just really wish that they'd make more than just the 200C. CaptainSim & QualityWings (usually) does most of the variants of aircraft, and it kills me to see such a great aircraft in the 737 Original and such a great flightsim group in Milviz come together but not really pull out all the stops.
    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      Quote Originally Posted by spreilly View Post
      I just really wish that they'd make more than just the 200C. CaptainSim & QualityWings (usually) does most of the variants of aircraft, and it kills me to see such a great aircraft in the 737 Original and such a great flightsim group in Milviz come together but not really pull out all the stops.
      The -200C actually covers most of the bases. Not many -100s were built and the -200C gives you pax, cargo or combi operation in the most numerous version. Both main autopilot variants are included too. If I was in the market for a 737 original this would be the one I'd get.

      The review (page 7) says:

      "To maintain airspeeds within the specified range of 137 to 169 knots indicated, and with zero flaps, I had to sustain an upward pitch of 20 degrees, and the aircraft climbed at close to 3,000 feet per minute. But 169 knots is too slow for continued climb in my opinion, so I lowered pitch to 10 degrees to increase airspeed to 225 knots and lowered it to less than five degrees after passing through 10,000 feet to increase airspeed to 330 knots for the rest of the climb."

      Either the manual is wrong or the reviewer didn't read it properly. You'd normally clean up and accelerate to 250 knots below 10,000ft.
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