• Frat Bros Design - RNZAF TA4-K Skyhawk

    Frat Bros Design - RNZAF TA4-K Skyhawk

    The RNZAF TA-4K Skyhawk, a unique piece of RNZAF history for FSX.

    The external and internal models have been modeled to include many of the features of the 'Kahu' Skyhawk. The 'Kahu' Skyhawk differed in a number of ways to its 'F' or 'G' model predecessors. Various appendages were removed or modified to accommodate the HUD and weapons system.

    Project 'Kahu' recycled an ageing fleet and incorporated what was at the time state of the art technology. Once these aircraft were put through the program they became comparable to newer aircraft of the time. A cheap alternative to purchasing new aircraft, project 'Kahu' packed all new systems into an old airframe.

    In joint exercises with allies, the Kahu Skyhawks and their highly skilled pilots often beat their counterparts that were in aircraft far more advance than their own. With the Skyhawk's small wing and its new avionics suite it became a respected attack aircraft.

    The virtual cockpit is a faithful recreation of the true 'Kahu' cockpit environment. From a detailed HUD to the display units and simulated radar systems the 'Kahu' project is a very unique representation of a very unique aircraft.


    • Accurate external and internal models
    • 5 load out models all accessible using clickable switches in the cockpit
      • Clean, no weaponry or fuel on the stations
      • Air to air, features Sidewinders and fuel tanks
      • Air to ground, features MK82's and Mavericks
      • Fuel, features animated buddy store refueler
      • Fuel without buddy tank
    • Custom aircraft animations
      • Animated drag chute
      • Animated hell hole door
      • Animated slats
      • Animated refueling system
      • Flags, caps, stairs, etc.
    • Interactive, dynamic virtual cockpit
    • A-4 sound package included
    • Detailed aircraft systems


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    1. pennkiwi's Avatar
      pennkiwi -
      Buyer beware! I purchased the Frat Bros earlier product, the CT4 Airtrainer, and it was a huge disappointment. It has a shoddy virtual cockpit and ridiculous flight dynamics. I can confidently assert this as I have logged many hours in the real aircraft. It was far below the average quality of payware aircraft. This new product is probably much better, but I personally wouldn't purchase it unless I saw some very credible reviews.... I'm sad to offer such negative comments, as their choices of aircraft are ones I have a deep love for. But my past experience makes me very cautious
    1. maikchaos's Avatar
      maikchaos -
      This is released in 2014? Really?
      I recommend, before buying, take a look at the product images, since most of Freeware-Aircrafts looks better like this (if it does not necessarily have to be a skyhawk). Otherwise... there's still the Skyhawk from Virtavia, which I can really recommend.
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