• Interview With Matthew Sheil

    Interview With Matthew Sheil

    Conducted by Dominic Smith

    What created your passion for wanting to be a pilot and when did it start?

    It all started when I went on my first flight in a plane when I was about ten years old. It was a DC-9 with TAA (Trans Australian Airlines) and I was travelling from Sydney to Brisbane to visit my grandparents, and from that day on I was hooked.


    I learned to fly as soon as I turned sixteen, which was twelve months before I could legally drive a car! A little while later, I flew my parents from Sydney to Hobart in Tasmania. This was in a twin engined Piper Seminole. I was aged sixteen years and nine months when I did this and when we arrived at Hobart, I was (because of my age) still not allowed to drive the hire car!

    At wood working class at school, I built a Cessna 152 simulator panel. This was with a fully working horizon indicator that was linked to the control columns. Nothing else worked, but I was extremely proud of it. Because of my love of aviation, I was forever getting into trouble in class, mainly because I spent most of my time reading aviation magazines. As you can see, I was completely hooked back then, and, quite a few years later, I am still just as hooked! Currently I own a real Beechcraft Baron B58 that I fly for my business all over Australia.

    When did you decide to build your own home simulator?

    Since day one, I have always had a passion for aircraft simulators. I love the interaction the user has with the computer and how it (the computer) manages to trick your senses into believing that you are actually flying for real. Fifteen years ago I sold an earlier aircraft I owned (a Beech Duke), so as to fund certain business projects, and because of this sale I felt lost, as I didn't have an aircraft to fly.


    Having nothing to fly was not something I was used to, so I thought about building my very own simulator. At about the same time, Aerowinx PS1 747-400 was in testing and due to be released, so I starting planning the construction to work around this software.

    The planning phase for the simulator was just over a year, and went down to the finest detail. The simulator I had planned was always going to have motion and because of this feature everything had to be of a certain strength so as to withstand the abuse caused by the motion of the simulator.

    How long have you been running your home built simulator?

    The simulator was originally started way back in 1998 and is still an on-going project.

    Was it originally intended for public flight training?

    My simulator was never intended for public flight training, but we do however offer rides in the simulator which are great fun and help with donations to the Royal Flying Doctors of Australia.


    Is the flight simulator FAA certified?

    No, it is not certified at all and never will be. Once I certify it and start offering it as a commercial operation, it is no longer a hobby but a job. I already have a job that pays me well.

    1. ejoiner's Avatar
      ejoiner -
      Absolutely amazing. All I would like to know is how you financed all this? I suspect you could've bought another real airplane.
    1. LowTransition's Avatar
      LowTransition -
      That is pretty incredible stuff. The sheer magnitude of such a product is absolutely staggering, let alone the cost. That's dedication right there! Great interview, Dom!
    1. yasser11's Avatar
      yasser11 -
      a great job What is the price of all the stuff with delivery to Saudi Arabia Jeddah
    1. franzair's Avatar
      franzair -
      I have had the experience to fly in Matthews simulator a few years ago when it was fixed base. It was awesome. Matthew inspired me to build my own crude fixed based simulator. Well done and maybe one day I can have another go in it. Franzair - Adelaide
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