• Setting Up GetRight

    The biggest problem people have when they use GetRight with FlightSim.Com is knowing what should be checked in the configuration options. If you've just downloaded and installed a new version of GetRight then you may need to change some of the default settings to have GetRight work properly here.

    Because GetRight is always changing, there are many versions available. The authors of the program may decide to release versions with the default settings changed in the future. I'll tell you what some of these settings do so that you can understand and apply those changes to future versions and updates.

    Although I do use a registered version of GetRight for all my download acceleration I've downloaded the latest trial version to be sure that the information in this help would work for those of you trying it for the first time. If you find the program useful I encourage you to support them by registering.

    Check these settings first

    A large percentage of people that do have problems getting GetRight to work need to ...

    • Set their GetRight configuration to "use cookies from your web browser (checked).
    • Be sure that "Accelerated (Segmented) downloading" is turned on (checked).
    • Be sure that "Directly accept and send Cookies"is turned off (unchecked).

    Let's take these one by one plus look at how some other options should be set. Then I'll follow up with some hints on how to get the best performance and speed from our site when you use a download accelerator.

    Bringing up the Configuration window

    You should see this icon in your taskbar at the lower right corner of your screen if you have GetRight installed and running on your computer. Double clicking on this icon will bring up the download status window. Right click on this icon to pop up a GetRight menu.

    The most important window for setting options in GetRight is the GetRight Configuration window. You can right click on the GetRight Icon in your task bar and it will pop up a menu that you can use to select the "GetRight Configuration". It is also possible to use the tools menu on the download status Window. Double clicking the GetRight Icon in your task bar will bring up the Download Status window then you can use the tools menu to find the GetRight Configuration selection.

    Setting GetRight to use browser cookies

    This site uses cookies to allow our members to download files. The cookie recognizes if you are logged into the site or not. It keeps very little information and if you would like to learn more about how cookies work or how you use them on this site click here. GetRight needs to know to use the same cookies that are being used by your browser when it connects to our site. This all means that you don't want GetRight directly accepting or sending cookies independently from your browser. So in the GetRight Configuration window you will want to be sure you unchecked that option.

    Turning on Segmented Acceleration

    There are several options for accelerating your downloads with GetRight. Two of them require mirror sites that allow GetRight to take pieces of the same file from different servers. Because our great file library is not mirrored on any other systems, the third option is to tell GetRight to segment the file you want to download and start several connections to bring all those pieces down at the same time. You do this by setting checking the Accelerated (Segmented) downloading box in the configuration menu as mentioned above. This box is not checked as a default when you first install GetRight. Also uncheck the "Number of connections based on file size" and set your connections to 2 if you are a non-paying contributor (member) to the site, and 4 if you are a paying contributor (member) to the site.

    We have to limit the connections on our non-paying contributor servers to 2. If you set the connections to 4 and you have a non-paying account, GetRight will keeping trying to start two more connections every few seconds making our server have to reject them and slowing your download down even further.

    The same is true with people using our faster more expensive servers that have memberships. GetRight only supports 4 connections with segmented downloads so be sure to not set this to some higher number or you will only see your download performance drop as it tries to start more and more connections that only get rejected while you are downloading. However being a supporting member to this site gets you much faster downloads and twice as much acceleration from those faster servers.

    Hint: If you're a paying member, have configured GetRight for four segmented downloads and it still only starts up with only two download connections you may need to select options while downloading the file and select four as shown here. GetRight will reconfigure for that download and start up two more connections. Here is an image showing four connections half way through a 735 mb download from FlightSim.Com.

    Monitor Browser

    I.E. Browsers

    GetRight can monitor your web browser and the contents of the clipboard to detect files for it to download. For those of you using Internet Explorer there are a couple options for Replacing the "Save As" window and catching your downloads based on file types. On the Monitor Browsers configuration I have these both checked because I use IE 7.0. Because these options are revision dependent, I would encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of the browser.

    FireFox Browsers

    If you are using FireFox as your browser then the Mozilla team recommends you download an add-on called flashgot to monitor your browser. You will download a file with an .xpi extension. In my case it was called flashgot- Simple drag this file to the address bar of FireFox and hit enter to install it. You will see the software installation window. After accepting the installation you will get the Add-ons window and be asked to restart FireFox.

    After restarting your browser When you click on a file to download it you will be presented with a screen that lets you configure FlashGot to work with GetRight. You can configure it as shown here.

    We still have to configure FlashGot to use Getright rather than the (Brower Built In) option which is the default when you first install FlashGot. Right click on any link to bring up the FlashGot Menu then select FlashGot Options. Configuring FlashGot for GetRight.

    The other option is to use GetRights built in support for the FireFox browser instead of using FlashGot. You would want to go back into your GetRight configuration window once again and check the FireFox box in the Monitor Browsers section. Select the option "More Browsers" and configure it as shown in the Link.

    More information can be found on using FlashGot with GetRight here.

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