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    My conclusion for this add-on from Lionheart Creations is that I was indeed very much positively surprised about the high level of quality that I experienced. I have not previously tried out aircraft from Lionheart Creations so I really did not know what to expect but my experience with this aircraft was absolutely superb.

    The aircraft features several versions and an incredible number of paint schemes. The models are all created with an eye for the details and are covered with high quality textures. Furthermore the aircraft features both a 2D cockpit a virtual cockpit and a virtual cabin.


    The cockpits are very well made and resembles the real Kodiak cockpit nicely. The virtual cockpit is created down to even very small details and features a full glass cockpit environment together with a few old analog standby gauges. All switches are animated and assigned to a function, the textures used are of a high quality, the finish is really good and the 3D / depth performance is spot-on. The overall experience I got from the virtual cockpit was excellent and very realistic.

    The 2D cockpit is a photo-real cockpit that also features the glass cockpit and standby gauges. The impression that I got using the 2D cockpit was good and normally I use the virtual cockpit, but this 2D cockpit was indeed worth using as well.

    The sound set included is not a unique or specialized sound set but it resembles more the default Cessna C208 sound set. Still the sound set fits the model and adds to the overall experience of the aircraft. The sound set is clear and clean and works perfectly on ordinary stereo, 2.1 stereo including subwoofer and 7.1 surround sound.

    Flight dynamics are what I had expected; very similar to other smaller GA aircraft such as the Cessna C172. Stall speeds and max IAS were very close to the specs and definitely within the "OK" range of being realistic.


    Overall I was indeed very impressed by this aircraft add-on and I rate it 4/5-stars and thank Lionheart Creations for contributing to the flightsim community with such an excellent add-on of a quite new and interesting aircraft. I will certainly recommend this add-on to my fellow simmers and this aircraft has a permanent spot in my virtual hangar.

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    Ray Andersen
    Rays Aviation

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    Real World Variants


    Basic model FAA certificated on 31st of May 2007

    Air Claw:

    A surveillance modification by Northrop Grumman with a FLIR systems Star Saphire sensor and a Persistent Surveillance Systems Hawkeye wide area sensor

    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      You forgot to mention the Performance pack, for both FSX and FS9 (haven't tried in P3D). In FS9 converts textures to DXT3, in FSX converts them to 1024 x 1024. Without this, the aircraft was unflyable in my system.
    1. firehawkordy's Avatar
      firehawkordy -
      I've had this for a few years now and it's still fun to fly in and out of rough and short fields. I also recommend the performance pack as it does allow lower end systems to use the plane without seeing a "slide show". As for sound, there is a low cost PT-6 sound pack at the Pilot Shop and it goes well with the Kodiak. If only the Air Claw could be modeled and released as either an addon or a stand alone aircraft.
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