• Review: Quest Kodiak

    Purchase, Download and Installation

    I purchased this add-on directly at FSPilotShop and the purchase and download went perfectly as always. The connection to the download server is excellent and I experienced no issues, errors or similar, so the entire download of the Quest Kodiak file of approximately 290 Mb only took about half a minute or so.

    After the download had completed I unpacked the file and found installation files for several flightsim versions as FSX, P3D v1.1 and v2 together with and installation file for FS2004. I tested this add-on only on FSX and this review only corresponds to the experience I had flying the FSX version.

    The installation went quickly and was without any issues. I just activated the included installation wizard which took care of the entire installation in no time. Since there is no registration code for this add-on, the installation wizard was able to install the complete file without me having to interrupt the installation process.

    After the installation had completed I went to the Airplanes folder within FSX to verify that the installation wizard had installed the add-on correctly and of course it had. In the Airplanes folder I found the Quest Kodiak file perfectly located as two files - one as the wheel version and the other as the float version.

    I now opened up FSX and went into my virtual hangar to verify that the Quest Kodiak was also placed correctly here and to check how many different liveries were included. I found the aircraft perfectly placed in the drop down for the Quest Kodiak. I also found several different models of the aircraft meaning that there were both the two versions as wheel version and float version, but also models as passenger or cargo, etc.

    In total there were 86 liveries which is a lot and I was positively surprised to see that many different liveries. Furthermore I also very much like the fact that all liveries were represented with a unique image of the corresponding aircraft instead of just one standard image - excellent!

    To support this add-on there is also included a quite comprehensive and well written manual of a total of 33 pages. The manual is a PDF document and found in the Kodiak folder in the FSX Airplanes folder together with a link to an online checklist.



    I started my test with a walk around the aircraft to get a feeling and an experience of the external model itself. My first thought was that this aircraft looked a lot like a crossing of the Cessna C208 in regards to the fuselage, wings, gear, etc. and the Pilatus PC6 in regards to the nose and engine section but all combined in one new and very interesting design.

    The models are very well made with many high quality details such as the rudder which features a "hat" edge at the top (I don't know the correct aviation term for that feature), the exhaustion nozzles on both sides of the engine together with the small and slim air intake just below the center axis of the propeller. When I compared the model to some of the various pictures from the internet, I could easily see that the models resembled the real world aircraft nicely and that Lionheart Creations has put in a lot of effort to create a very realistic aircraft model for sure.

    The textures used are of a high quality - they are clean and very clear and the paint schemes are done with an eye for the details. The aircraft model also features various animations such as wheels rotating, nose wheel steering, gear suspension, control surface animations such as rudder, ailerons, elevator and flaps, etc., doors and also a very nice propeller animation that looks very realistic.


    Lights are also included on the aircraft model and they are placed perfectly in alliance with the real world Kodiak light. The quality of the lights are good and they feature a clear and bright shine with a warm color which makes them quite realistic.

    Additionally the float version of course features the floats but also the animation of the gear up/down function. According to various pictures of the real float aircraft version I could see that some had additional vertical stabilizers on the tail section, but this was however not featured on the Lionheart Creations. First I thought this might had been an error but later on I found several pictures of the real float version which didn't features these additional vertical stabilizers, so the float aircraft models are according to real life where there are several versions.

    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      You forgot to mention the Performance pack, for both FSX and FS9 (haven't tried in P3D). In FS9 converts textures to DXT3, in FSX converts them to 1024 x 1024. Without this, the aircraft was unflyable in my system.
    1. firehawkordy's Avatar
      firehawkordy -
      I've had this for a few years now and it's still fun to fly in and out of rough and short fields. I also recommend the performance pack as it does allow lower end systems to use the plane without seeing a "slide show". As for sound, there is a low cost PT-6 sound pack at the Pilot Shop and it goes well with the Kodiak. If only the Air Claw could be modeled and released as either an addon or a stand alone aircraft.
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