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    Besides the famous 747, the Constellation is one of the most visually recognizable aircraft of all time. Its majestic triple tail is a dead giveaway for this classic airliner that first appeared in the early 1940s.

    Francisco Sanchez-Castaner has designed this awesome replication of the Lockheed Constellation for FSX and FS2004 with its trademark elliptical wing tips and triple vertical stabilizer, Fowler flaps and tricycle landing gear.

    Delivered in three colorful variations, it represents top-of-the-line quality in workmanship including the custom "throaty" Curtis-Wright Cyclone engine sounds from Aaron Swindle.

    The detailed flight briefing will have you flying in no time from the large four-place cockpit that seats the pilot, co-pilot, navigator and flight engineer. You'll fly the four-engine Constellation using the classical analog instrument panel from either the familiar 2D or 3D virtual cockpit modes.

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    1. bdliddicoa's Avatar
      bdliddicoa -
      Two phrases that do not belong together: "Accurately recreated for flightsim use" and "Abacus Software"....
    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bdliddicoa View Post
      Two phrases that do not belong together: "Accurately recreated for flightsim use" and "Abacus Software"....
      I suggest you go and look at the numerous reviews left by people who have actually purchased this product
    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      I don't know W33. I'd have to agree with bdliddicoa. I really think we're living in an era of very high quality payware aircraft developers. Alabeo puts out extremely high quality aircraft and at a very low cost. There is also Carenado, and A2A just to name a few. It's really a shame to see guys like Abacus Software offering FREEWARE quality aircraft as payware. I looked at the reviews for this plane and they seemed very, very basic. I'm sorry, but until guys like Abacus decide to step up their game and offer true payware aircraft, I'm gonna hold on to my hard earned dollars. Just my two cents
    1. bdliddicoa's Avatar
      bdliddicoa -
      I'm not trying to gratuitously slam Abacus. They used to be the only real game in town re: payware. Their early Flight Deck add-on allowed you to fly off a carrier before anyone else did. I bought a lot of Abacus stuff back in the mid-2000s. But they never really raised their game. Now in 2014, their brand is mainly recognized as selling payware aircraft that are generally inferior to good freeware aircraft. I'd really like them to sell some good stuff. Maybe they make a profit selling inexpensive payware aircraft. If so, more power to them. I just don't see any reason to buy Abacus in 2014 when you can get better aircraft for free on Simviation, etc. It would be great to the Abacus brand re-launched with a new aircraft that's A2A or even Iris quality.
    1. TseTse's Avatar
      TseTse -
      I'm still amazed at how Abacus is still alive. Their 3D modelling is basic at best; their texturing induces gag reactions. As for the Connie here, you can add just another $3-5 and purchase an excellent-looking Carenado airplane. Not trying to be extreme here, but even if Abacus' airplanes were freeware, I wouldn't let the airplanes in my hangar. Abacus? No thanks. Manfred Jahn and Milton Shupe? Yes please!

      Okay, reviews. Let's take one right off the bat and start with the first one I see.

      "will this constellation run on window 7" ...given 5 stars.

      "this lockheed constelation is a great recreation of the real thing. ... i would not buy from any body else the lockheed Constelation ." ...given 4 stars. If he really means not to buy from another developer, I say whoever wrote this has a very limited understanding of the availability of better alternatives.

      FS developer tech. has changed drastically ever since FSX was released in 2006. Here we are, with top-notch devs like Carenado/Alabeo, A2A, Aerosoft, Iris and Virtavia (among many others) pushing out 2013-2014-standard payware aircraft and there's Abacus, selling airplanes that almost look like they were pulled from a freeware FS2002 project.

      It's true that Abacus has existed for years. They're a well-known company. But they have not grown up. It's about time for Abacus to either stop producing for the sake of not cluttering up the FS market with these headaches or seriously step up.

      And no, I'm not a PMDG flyer.
    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      This is not a new product, as the news item implies but doesn't actually say. It has been available to buy since 2008. It's now "on sale" at a reduced price. The reviews are for the gullible only.

      The last review says:

      "Virtual cockpit is visualy stunning."

      Really? Just look at the screenshots. Some people are too easily pleased.
    1. tvieno's Avatar
      tvieno -
      What was the date on that review? Maybe in 2008 it was stunning.

      Personally speaking, I'm reluctant to download anything more than a couple of years old because the attention to detail is much more nowadays than before. Yes, I know there are exceptions.

      In addition to its age, I'd stay away cuz it's an Abacus; just my opinion.
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      It's sale price is $7.50, same as a Coke and burger at Five Guys. Maybe some people take this hobby and themselves way too seriously.
    1. BobK's Avatar
      BobK -
      It's the boxed version, so the price is $7.50 plus whatever shipping costs; that'll add significantly to the total.
    1. dfozzi's Avatar
      dfozzi -
      Nels, be honest! The vc is 10yrs behind. The aircraft is poor at best. The only "awesome" thing about this aircraft is the fact you have to pay for it. I think you really let yourself down with a shameful review of a crap product
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by dfozzi View Post
      Nels, be honest! The vc is 10yrs behind. The aircraft is poor at best. The only "awesome" thing about this aircraft is the fact you have to pay for it. I think you really let yourself down with a shameful review of a crap product
      This is not a review. We just posted an announcement about an old product being on sale. You quite often see old products in stores and elsewhere sold at bargain basement prices to try and get rid of old stock.
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