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    Beechcraft 1900D HD Series

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    Beechcraft 1900D by Carenado

    Image From Carenado

    Beechcraft's 1900 is a 19-passenger twin-turboprop commuter airliner manufactured from 1982 to 2002. It was designed to take off and land on short runways in all weather conditions. Before the popularity of commuter jets, the Beechcraft 1900 and similar aircraft were common at large and small commercial airports.

    From a distance and at first glance, the B1900 appears much like the Beechcraft King Air from which it derived -- turboprop engine on each of the low wings, T tail, and slender fuselage. Closer scrutiny reveals its distinctive features such as more windows and winglets on its elevators and tail.

    Model D has a noticeably taller fuselage than earlier models to enable most passengers to stand upright inside the cabin, which was impossible in most of those commuter turboprops. In service since 1991, it is also used as a cargo, corporate, and military transport.

    I found several B1900Ds for sale on the Internet, but only one with a quoted price: $2.9 million US. If any private persons own a B1900D, they presumably would be among the world's one percent.

    On 8 January 2003, a US Airways Express B1900 crashed while taking off from Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A., killing all 21 aboard. The official accident report identified maintenance failure and abnormal weight distribution as contributing causes. Controversy at the time focused on the outdated human weight averages used by airlines as American passengers were getting visibly heavier. (Aviation Safety Network.)

    For comparison, the Beechcraft 1900D is larger, heavier, and more powerful than its FSX cousin, the Super King Air 350. Curiously, the 1900 is not as fast and cannot cruise as high as the King Air.

    Specification 1900D1 King Air 3502
    Occupants 16 11
    Gross Weight 17,230 lb
    7,815 kg
    15,000 lbs
    6,818 kg
    Empty Weight 10,550 lb
    4,785 kg
    9,090 lbs
    4,096 kg
    Useful Load 6,680 lbs
    3,030 kg
    5,910 lbs
    2,681 kg
    Fuel Capacity 675 USG
    2,555 L
    539 USG
    2,040 L
    Maximum Speed 284 kts
    526 kph

    Cruise Speed 282 kts
    522 kph
    315 kts
    583 kph
    Ceiling 25,000 ft
    7,620 m
    35,000 ft
    10,668 m
    Range 1,352 nm
    2,504 km
    1,765 nm
    3,269 km
    Length 58 ft
    18 m
    47 ft
    14 m
    Wingspan 58 ft
    18 m
    58 ft
    18 m
    Power 1,279 hp
    954 kw
    1,050 hp
    783 kw
    Sources: 1-Carenado, 2-FSX


    All sources say the Beechcraft 1900 carries 19 passengers, while Carenado says it carries 16 passengers. The actual number depends on seating configuration. As seen in my cabin screen shot, Carenado's depiction omits three seats against the back wall.

    1. DC_pilot's Avatar
      DC_pilot -
      The manual(s) are not something I would have wanted them to be.
    1. BobK's Avatar
      BobK -
      I'm finding that to be true of Carenado in general. Lots of documentation (usually) but I can never seem to find what I'm looking for.

      Good review of a good ship, though. I only have a few hours in my B1900 so far, but I'm liking it.
    1. dmncnpilot's Avatar
      dmncnpilot -
      I fly the Mighty Beech in real life and I absolutely love it (The real one) Carenado did an ok job with this one, I mean the visuals are nice but the flight dynamics are a bit lacking. I wish the sounds were better but it's FSX.
    1. longyear's Avatar
      longyear -
      I think the sounds are excellent. If you expect the usual 'arcade' style sounds of FSX you will be disappointed. But if you want a simulation of what an actual aircraft sounds like, with ANR headphones on (as all pilots would have), the sounds here are excellent; covering all the nuances. Mainly a realistic bass representation of the engines, but on other areas (such as ground rattles and rolls) the higher frequencies come through. Carenado done an equally excellent job or realistic sound emulation in the Malibu Mirage and CT206H too. Good on them. Just a shame more people don't appreciate what they're doing in this regard, and actually think that 'full spectrum' audio is what you hear as a pilot. You don't. You hear filtered frequencies only, much like in this offering.
    1. dmncnpilot's Avatar
      dmncnpilot -
      @ longyear; I fly this airplane on a daily basis in real life and I can tell you first hand the sounds are way off.
    1. otts688's Avatar
      otts688 -
      ANR headphones for a Great Lakes pilot is a bit of a stretch...
    1. billdebaze's Avatar
      billdebaze -
      I waited a long B1900D. The PMDG in FS9 is away now, and I'm not disappointed by this version of Carenado. It is well done, price / quality ratio is perfect. Be careful with small configurations, cause you will require graphics concessions for a complete panel. The FMC is artificial, do not expect hardcore. This is a nice add-on, ideal for screenshots!
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