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    The Flood module is a 100% replica of the real Boeing 737 Flood module and also when comparing it to the PMDG737NGXs panel. It doesn't consists of much, actually only two rotating encoders and the function is just to control the brightness of the backlight within the console module - this feature works however perfectly and did bring some additional experience to my night VFR and IFR flights.

    The Flood module also is the power module for the DC chain, so on the back side of this module there is both an outlet to the Stab Trim/Cabin Door module, 3 DIN 5-pole outlets to other console modules as e.g. the ATC, NAV, COM and Trim modules etc.

    Furthermore there is a power inlet which is a 220v/V5 converter that is plugged directly into the wall socket and then there is the DIN 5-pole socket for connecting the Flood module to the EFIS and MCP chain.

    Last there is also a Flood potentiometer terminal block (INOP) which can be used if you would like to connect other hardware as e.g. LEDs which you would like to be controlled by the encoders.

    If you have the USB version there will additionally be the USB socket, a Cabin Door input (contact) and a set of jumpers for firmware upgrades (see below the differences).

    DC Version:

    USB Version:

    The Flood module is like the Stab Trim & Cabin Door module made without the aluminum box covering the PCB. Both panels are mend to be mounted directly into a console without danger of damaging the inside electronics.

    The module is also a PCB based module where the encoders are connected directly onto the PCB including the backlight LEDs. Furthermore this module of course also features the same high quality laser cut front plate with the laser engraved legends.

    Overall with these two panels I would say, they do bring some additional experience to my virtual flights but they are not very complex units and does not give me much more that the backlight addition.

    In that regards I would like to add that the function of the backlight control is limited to only be the console modules and does not include the EFIS or the MCP unfortunately. The price tag for the Flood and Stab Trim modules I think is a bit high when comparing them to how many functions they have and what additional experience they bring the flight simmer.

    My overall experience of the CPflight modules that I here have tested is that they are of a very high quality, they are easy to mount and connect and everything works perfectly immediately. There is no need for any kind of programming as long as you have downloaded and installed the driver for the MCP.

    The look and feel are absolutely superb and I can see that CPflight really do put a lot of effort into creating full size replicas of the excellent Boeing B737NG. Rating these modules I have decided to do independently because they vary and this I have listed here below including a few comments:

    COM Radio:

    Receives a 5 star rating but do have a small issue with the standby frequency not changing in the animated panel, but this I don't know if it is only an issue encountered with the PMDG .

    ATC Radio:

    Receives a 5 star rating because it is just excellent.


    Receives a 5 star rating because the EL version is mend as a lower cost module which therefore means that the modules is not 100% a replica in terms of the rotating switches and their knobs - however the PRO version is 100% a replica but at a different cost.

    Stab Trim & Flood:

    Receives a 3 star rating because the modules are of high quality but the functions are very limited and the DC version only features a dummy switch and an annunciator which has to be activated by a "third-party" switch. Also because the Stab Trim module is not identical with the real panel.

    Ray Anderson
    Rays Aviation
    [email protected]

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    1. MBUNJES's Avatar
      MBUNJES -
      Nice review.
      I miss the information about the TCAS test function of the transponder, does it work or doesn't it?
      About the stab trim and flood panels: they are exactly like the real thing, the airline orders their own version so you always get different versions in different airlines.
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by MBUNJES View Post
      Nice review.
      I miss the information about the TCAS test function of the transponder, does it work or doesn't it?
      About the stab trim and flood panels: they are exactly like the real thing, the airline orders their own version so you always get different versions in different airlines.

      Hi, yes I did a follow-up on the stab trim and found that they are actually very realistic. It seems that there just are several versions and what CPFlights did, was the newest version and what I found during the test was an older version. This however does not change my rating since the BRT modules are mostly eye candy.

      The TCAS - I am not sure what you mean, but I can say that all rotator switches, toggle switches and the push button all activates the corresponding button/switch in the virtual ATC when using PMDG737NGX. But some really nice modules for sure which bring a lot to the flightsim experience in my opinion.

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