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    Since the EFIS does not have any mounting wholes for screws etc. there is placed a mounting bracket on the back side also. Mounting was also easy and depending on your setup, the connection and mounting can be done within just a few minutes or even seconds if you are fast.

    The EFIS consist of a PCB as the other modules and with the rotator switches, the toggle switches and the push buttons directly mounted on it. The PCB is placed in an aluminum box to keep the electronics safe and mounted on a front plate which is made of powder coated aluminum that is laser cut and features engraved legends.

    Additionally the EFIS also features a super backlight function which is created by PCB based LEDs located on the PCB inside the aluminum box. They give a realistic shine and all legends are easy to see = the EFIS is easy to use even though the cockpit/your simulator room is completely dark.

    Comparing the EFIS EL to the animated EFIS within the PMDG and also comparing it to the real EFIS found on the Boeing B737NG series, they are not identical due to the dual rotators and the rotator knobs, but otherwise I think CPflight has defiantly made a very interesting piece of hardware that adds a great amount of realism to the flightsim experience for sure.

    Blue = EFIS (electronic flight information system - control unit)
    Red = PFD (primary flight displays)
    Green = NG(D) (navigational displays)
    Orange = EICAS (engine-indicating and crew-alerting system)
    Flood & Cabin Door Modules(BRT737)

    The Flood & Cabin Door modules also known as the BRT737 module, are two console modules located at the far back of the center console on each side of the rudder/ailerons trim panel.

    These panels are both replicas of the real panels found in the Boeing B737NGs and the two panels are a set meaning that you cannot purchase just the one but will get both.

    CPflight has actually made two different versions of these modules where one is the DC version and the other is the USB version. The modules that I have tested are the DC version which means the versions that are connected by the daisy chain DIN 5-pole cable to the other modules. The USB version is identical with the layout but the difference lies in the connection to the computer, where the USB version can connect by itself directly to the computer without the usage of the MCP - this is not possible with the DC version that needs the MCP for connecting to the computer.

    Furthermore there are a few minor details in difference as e.g. the STAB trim switch in the USB version is a fully working switch but in the DC version it is actually unfortunately just a dummy switch.


    The STAB trim/CAB Door module is connected to the Flood module by a single flat cable and features the STAB trim dummy switch including safety cap and an LED annunciator that can be controlled by adding a switch to the two pole terminal block on the back side of the panel. This is actually all that this panel does which is not that much, however the quality of the panel is equal to the other modules that I have tested and features a PCB with the toggle switch and annunciator mounted directly on it together with the integrated PCB based LED backlight function.

    The module does not feature a box to keep the PCB safe but of course it is created with a superb laser cut front plate of aluminum which is powder coated and laser engraved. The realism created is good but when comparing it to the PMDG737NGX and also to the real panel found in the NG series of the Boeing 737 it doesn't quite fill the idea of the complete replica. The panel is very well made for sure but when looking at the animated panel the annunciator should actually be two annunciators and there should also be a rotary switch to the right side of it.


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    1. MBUNJES's Avatar
      MBUNJES -
      Nice review.
      I miss the information about the TCAS test function of the transponder, does it work or doesn't it?
      About the stab trim and flood panels: they are exactly like the real thing, the airline orders their own version so you always get different versions in different airlines.
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by MBUNJES View Post
      Nice review.
      I miss the information about the TCAS test function of the transponder, does it work or doesn't it?
      About the stab trim and flood panels: they are exactly like the real thing, the airline orders their own version so you always get different versions in different airlines.

      Hi, yes I did a follow-up on the stab trim and found that they are actually very realistic. It seems that there just are several versions and what CPFlights did, was the newest version and what I found during the test was an older version. This however does not change my rating since the BRT modules are mostly eye candy.

      The TCAS - I am not sure what you mean, but I can say that all rotator switches, toggle switches and the push button all activates the corresponding button/switch in the virtual ATC when using PMDG737NGX. But some really nice modules for sure which bring a lot to the flightsim experience in my opinion.

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