• Review: CPFlight Modules

    Boeing 737 COM, ATC, BRT & EFIS Modules
    Manufactured by CPflight

    By Ray Andersen

    The ultimate upgrade to most flight simulation enthusiast's virtual experience is to build a complete home cockpit to gain the ultimate realism. Previously this has only been for the very few including huge companies and flight academies, but today all possibilities are open to everyone.

    If you are not interested or have insufficient funds to build a complete cockpit you can start by building your own creation using single independent modules or specific module packs which can be supplied from various flightsim manufacturers.

    I have had the pleasure of testing another setup from CPflight including both a COM and ATC radio together with a Flood and Cabin Door module and the EFIS (EL-series). These modules are replicas of the real modules found in the Boeing B737 series and they were very interesting modules to try out for sure!


    This review covers all the above mentioned modules from CPflight and all modules will have an independent review section within this review. The overall and the purchase, support, packing and transport etc. will be covered by a combined review.

    I purchased these modules directly from CPflight's web site and the purchase was easy and quickly done. The transport was with an international forwarder and the lead-time from going from Italy to Denmark was only two days. This was excellent because when I purchase some new modules I am always so excited to receive them that I cannot wait, so two days of lead-time was very quick.

    All modules arrived in one hard box and they were all packed in their individual boxes with a lot of bobble paper around and in between. Inside each box the modules were carefully packed in an airtight plastic bag with a lot of polystyrene foam around, so it would be impossible to damage the modules during transport. The packing gets a score of 5/5 meaning that CPflight has done all they could to make sure of a safe transport.

    Opening the boxes I could see that the modules also had all necessary cables included - this both the power adapter and cable for the BRT-modules and the daisy chain connection cables between all modules which is 5-pole DIN connection cables.

    To setup the modules and connect to my computer could be done several ways since I already have the MCP(EL) that actually is the heart of this setup, but since I also purchased the BRT modules, they could also supply the power for all modules since this many modules cannot be powered only using the USB connection. Below here is the schematics of my connection setup - however excluding the rudder/ailerons trim module.

    My setup looks like the above where the MCP is the heart and which has the connection to the computer using the USB cable. To the MCP I have connected the EFIS and from there a string to the remaining console modules. The external power I have connected to the BRT modules instead of the MCP - this because using the BRT modules I get the possibility to regulate/dim the backlight of the console modules.

    The BRT modules that I purchased are the DC version and not the USB version - Please notice that CPflight offers two versions so please read carefully the details about them before ordering. Basically the DC version is the Daisy Chain version where you connect these modules to the other modules, and the USB version you can connect directly to the computer using the USB connection cable. I will be more specific later in the review about the differences of these versions.

    If you already have the MCP and the drivers that you need for that unit, you don't need any additional drivers. If you don't have the MCP driver this can be downloaded from CPflight web site under Downloads. In this section you can also find a manual specific for each module stating how to connect the unit and an explanation of the sockets, connections, etc. together with a section where you can download firmware upgrades - currently there are no firmware upgrades for these modules.

    The test aircraft add-on that I used during my tests of these modules was the PMDG B737NGX and the flightsim platform was FSX.

    The next section of this review is all the individual modules covering an overview of the module, a description, a functions list, how to connect the module and the review.

    Included for all modules tested here were downloadable manuals (from CP flights web site) that contained detailed information about each unit including measurements for hole cutout, etc.

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    1. MBUNJES's Avatar
      MBUNJES -
      Nice review.
      I miss the information about the TCAS test function of the transponder, does it work or doesn't it?
      About the stab trim and flood panels: they are exactly like the real thing, the airline orders their own version so you always get different versions in different airlines.
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by MBUNJES View Post
      Nice review.
      I miss the information about the TCAS test function of the transponder, does it work or doesn't it?
      About the stab trim and flood panels: they are exactly like the real thing, the airline orders their own version so you always get different versions in different airlines.

      Hi, yes I did a follow-up on the stab trim and found that they are actually very realistic. It seems that there just are several versions and what CPFlights did, was the newest version and what I found during the test was an older version. This however does not change my rating since the BRT modules are mostly eye candy.

      The TCAS - I am not sure what you mean, but I can say that all rotator switches, toggle switches and the push button all activates the corresponding button/switch in the virtual ATC when using PMDG737NGX. But some really nice modules for sure which bring a lot to the flightsim experience in my opinion.

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