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    Welcome to "Big" Wyoming, the USA's 10th largest state yet at the same time the least populous. That does not make it any ordinary place to fly however. Wyoming boasts some of the most visually spectacular terrain that the USA has to offer where the Great Plains meets the Rocky Mountains! Wyoming is a great plateau broken by many mountain ranges with elevations as high as 13,800 feet (Gannett Peak). There's other amazing mountain ranges such as the Snowy Range, the Teton Range along with Grand Teton and many others that give you the ultimate bush flying experience.

    It's not all mountain range bush flying however. There's the Great Plains to the east that give you tens of thousands of square miles of high rocky desert plains and borders shared with six other states - MT, ID, UT, CO, NE, SD.

    Wyoming gives you over 97,813 square miles of scenery to soar and explore as you make your way into and out of 97 airports. You get the entire state - border to border coverage of towering mountain peaks above 13,000 feet, high plains, canyons, basins, mesas and deserts as well as famous places such as Yellowstone National Park.

    Wyoming is yet another of the visually spectacular mountain states that gives you eye candy beyond imagination for your flight simulator flying. Imagery is clear and crisp 50 cm source throughout for a stunningly realistic scenery.

    As an added bonus, we now provide all the VFR and IFR charts in digital PDF format to enable you to get the most out of your scenery. This includes 4 Sectionals, 6 IFR enroute charts, and a 158 page book of Instrument Approach plates, Airport Diagrams, SIDs and STARs, and an Airport Facility Directory. The charts are downloadable along with your scenery files.

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