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    Robinson R66 Turbine

    Publisher: Alabeo

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    Bill Stack

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    Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo

    Image From Alabeo

    Robinson's R66 is a five-seat helicopter powered by a turbine engine. With its 300-horsepower (224 kilowatt) engine, the R66 is slightly faster than Robinson's R44 piston-engine helicopter on which the R66 is based. Introduced in 2010, it is intended to compete with Eurocopters and Bell Jet Rangers. Standard configuration is a two-blade main rotor, a two-blade tail rotor, and skids. It is operated mostly by businesses and private persons. The Nigerian Air Force operates two, and the Fontana, California, Police Department operates one.

    "Suggested retail price" of a real-world R66 is $880,000 according to a document on Robinson's website. "Base price" is $790,000 US according to Robinson's descriptive video.

    Robinson's R66 Turbine looks somewhat like the stock Robinson R22 in Microsoft Flight Simulator®, but appearance is where their similarities end. The R66 is larger, about twice the weight, and twice as powerful, and it carries more than twice the occupants of the R22.

    Specification Value
    Occupants 5
    Empty Weight 1,290 lbs
    585 kg
    Gross Weight 2,700 lbs
    1,225 kg
    Useful Load 1,410 lbs
    640 kg
    Fuel Capacity 74 gal
    279 L
    Cruising Speed 100 kts
    185 kph
    Maximum Operating Speed 140 kts
    259 kph
    Ceiling 14,000 ft
    4,267 m
    Range 325 nm
    602 km
    Length 38 ft
    11 m
    Rotor Diameter 33 ft
    10 m
    Power 310 hp
    231 kw
    Source: Alabeo

    Alabeo's R66 Turbine

    Alabeo highlights these features of its Robinson R66 Turbine: high definition textures, superb material shines and reflections, realistic behaviors, realistic vibrations, among others. Its "dynamic blade tension effect" is not explained, and the only references I find on the Internet regard Alabeo's R66 helicopter. It is probably similar to or the same as volumetric display, which is used on some simulation propellers and rotors. The rotor does seem to demonstrate such. Alabeo's R66 Turbine is for Microsoft Flight Simulator X® and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D®. I reviewed the FSX version.

    Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo N1123Z Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo N6548H Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo N3349P
    Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo N9876Y Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo PR-EHA Robinson R66 Turbine by Alabeo ZS-HJB

    Alabeo's six liveries are attractive, but I could not find exact matches for them among the many real-world photos on the Internet, so I cannot determine what they are based on. The registration numbers on Alabeo's R66s are assigned to different aircraft types or to none at all based on my Google and the FAA registry searches. A blank helicopter is included for custom repaints.

    1. damien's Avatar
      damien -
      Well done Alabeo. Yet another quality product.
    1. damien's Avatar
      damien -
      Great Helicopter. Well done Alabeo.
    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      Yeah, they did an excellent job on this heli. For the price it can't be beat. It's really fun to fly and the visual quality is superb.

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