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    US Cities X - Los Angeles

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    Bill Stack

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    Los Angeles X by Aerosoft
    Los Angeles X by Aerosoft Los Angeles X by Aerosoft

    Screen shots by Aerosoft

    Los Angeles is the second-most populated city in the United States (after New York City) and the most populated city in California. Sprawled over 469 square miles (1,215 square kilometers), its 2010 population was 3.8 million. The Los Angeles metropolitan area's population of 12.8 million makes it among the world's larger urban areas. The area's $831 billion gross national product makes Los Angeles the world's third-largest metropolitan economy (after greater Tokyo and greater New York).

    Los Angeles is world renowned for production of television, music, and motion-picture entertainment. Its seaport is the busiest container port in the United States and the third-busiest in the world.

    Its major commercial airport (KLAX) is the third busiest in the United States and the sixth busiest in the world. The metropolitan area is also served by four other commercial airports: Ontario International (KONT), Bob Hope (KBUR), Long Beach International (KLGB), and John Wayne Orange County (KSNA).

    Los Angeles X by Aerosoft Los Angeles X by Aerosoft Los Angeles X by Aerosoft

    Aerosoft says there might be no city with more aviation than Los Angeles, and that observation would certainly be supported by the unusually high number of commercial, municipal, military, and private airports throughout the area. "Not only are there several major airports close to the city but general aviation rules the skies over the city," Aerosoft says. "From the coastline to the mountains around the city, LA is a great city to see from above."

    To enable the most realistic commercial and private flight simulations over this huge metropolis, Aerosoft has made a scenery covering a large area with a high-density resolution: "up to 30 cm/pix," using a "highly detailed and customized mesh terrain," Aerosoft says. And it has populated that scenery with thousands of buildings, numerous active roadways, and many aviation facilities. The scenery includes some 5,000 major buildings and 454,500 autogenerated buildings "placed realistically." All of it is accompanied by sound effects from below, Aerosoft says.

    Aerosoft's Depiction of Los Angeles

    Based on Aerosoft's product description, I examined the three major aspects of its Los Angeles X scenery: its surface terrain, selected urban areas, and selected airports.

    1. carbonx's Avatar
      carbonx -
      I just wanted to see how it compares to GTA5
    1. KKilo2's Avatar
      KKilo2 -
      A couple of questions:

      What happens when you fly at night with no night textures, does it use default FSX textrues? Are the custom buildings black?

      Second question, when it says it is not compatible with other add ons, does that include airports like FXS dream team LAX, or can you overcome this by putting the airport at higher priority?

      Thanks for the review
    1. TWA 767 pilot's Avatar
      TWA 767 pilot -
      Another addon without any night textures....no thanks!
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