• Interview With Mark Verschaeren Of Flight Illusion

    About You

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and the sorts of things you have done or enjoyed besides flight simulation?

    Marketing and communication have been my job and passion the whole of my professional career. But next to that, I have always been a flightsim enthusiast. Actually, I started as a hobby cockpit builder myself. And I still build for myself. Next to that, I like to travel, overseas if possible (always hoping I can have a peak in the cockpit). I am pretty into documentaries and movies and a Mac-adept.

    Oh, and I have a big twenty-something daughter and a little 10 month old boy. Great fun!


    What types of designs and projects have you worked on over the years?

    Flight Illusion has been extending its range from just Boeing and King Air gauges to a staggering range of over 100 type specific gauges, covering airliners, business jets, general aviation and helicopters.

    We also developed products for the professional market and we are proud to have Boeing, Airbus and even a railway simulator company amongst our customers.

    Do you have any real world aviation experience, fly any planes, or own any aircraft?

    Yes I do, for many years I have flown ultralights. Due to circumstances I had to quit, but every opportunity I get to fly with someone else, I am off. Flying stays the most liberating and amazing thing to do. I am planning to take up the flying again, but unfortunately time often keeps me from it. But one day I will. And until then, I keep myself sharp by flying simulators.

    When did you first get involved in flight simulation, what interested you and influenced you most about it?

    Way back in the nineties, I discovered Sublogic's ATPL. It was the first simulator with a credible cockpit. Actually, it was a photorealistic cockpit panel and allowed for a very credible flight experience. Later came Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 and that changed the external view. From that point, I was so into simming that I wanted to get rid of the mouse and keyboard and really act like a pilot, using radios and throttles.

    I had a small panel - I can't remember the name - that offered almost all functionalities in one. And later on I had an extensive range of GoFlight modules. Then I started with gauges from Simkits, but as that is a single plane and I was building a B1900 panel, I needed to look for other solutions. That's how I met Marco and that's how the story really took off.

    Do you have any particular flight simulator you enjoy working with or using yourself more than others?

    I have my own cockpit. Hence, at one point in time, I committed to sitting every time in the same plane. I use the Eaglesoft Citation, but any business jet could have been OK, as long as you have a correct mix between steam gauges and early EFIS.

    The Company

    Tell us about how Flight Illusion got started? Who founded it, when, where, and a little history.

    As I said, I started as a hobby cockpit builder myself. And as we all do, I wanted to have my panel as realistic and accurate as possible. In my search for engine instruments for my King Air 1900 panel, I met Marco and Peter, two engineers who created the most beautiful gauges. We found ourselves to be complementary in the way we approach the market. They liked the way I worked, I liked what they did and a new collaboration was born. Now, eight years later, Flight Illusion has become one of the major players in the simulation gauges business.


    What is the company's mission and vision?

    Flight Illusion develops and integrates technologies for flight simulators.

    We believe simulators and their sub-assemblies can be made a lot cheaper using a no-nonsense approach in modern technology. We offer a complete range of solutions, from generic, off the shelf, avionics to the more integrated, personalized displays and control panels.

    If you need an interface for your home built cockpit project, or any other challenging requirement for combined use with flight simulator, turn to the engineering and manufacturing team at Flight Illusion.

    Every solution reflects our expertise in electronics, design, software and is so easy to use that you'll be up and running in no time. Having more than 8 years of experience in building simulator hardware and software, we can guarantee highly qualified products and very stable software. Although our prices are very reasonable, we do not do concessions as to the quality of the components we are using. Next to the hobby market we also make custom-made simulation gauges for the professional market and complete training panels for flying clubs and schools.

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