• Iris Dynamics Announces Force Feedback Yoke

    Iris Dynamics Ltd. is excited to announce the release of the world's first affordable force feedback simulator yoke.

    Traditional force feedback yokes are priced outside of the consumer market, costing thousands of dollars. This is largely due to the complexity needed to replicate linear (pitch) forces. These designs rely on gears, chain drives, slide carriages, hydraulic actuators and the like.

    The unique open platform design offered by Iris Dynamics functions by simple magnetic fields and is controlled through a Raspberry Pi, generating realistic feel, affordable pricing, all on a hackable platform. Movement of the yoke is created by manipulating magnetic fields surrounding rare earth magnets embedded in the yoke's shaft. The magnetic fields are induced by passing current through a series of copper coils, controlled by the high resolution Arduino based microcontroller. Dynamic and static forces from the magnetic fields allow for precise and incremental changes in power and thereby movement of the yoke.

    This innovative design has allowed Iris Dynamics to develop the first affordable force feedback simulator yoke. Simultaneously, Iris Dynamics makes no compromise on authenticity. The precise control of magnetic fields throughout the yoke realistically simulate correct control column movement and resistance throughout all stages of flight, and trim condition. In addition, Iris Dynamics utilizes both optical and Hall effect sensors to track shaft position, in contrast to low-resolution mechanical potentiometers found in traditional designs.

    The yoke is currently available as part of a Kickstarter campaign:


    For additional information contact Patrick McFadden at [email protected].


    1. av8tor98's Avatar
      av8tor98 -
      Looks promising, but I can do without a force feedback yoke. I wonder what the price tag will be IF Iris gets all of its $$ together for the final product.
    1. tango07's Avatar
      tango07 -
      I would love to Invest in a Product which will give me more than enough to feel that I am in a Cockpit. Remember ButtKicker?? I think it would worth an investment if it is reasonable priced. Thank you for this and Good Luck with the venture. Really looking forward to it. Best Wishes.
    1. fthays's Avatar
      fthays -
      News release drivel. Nowhere on either link does it specify what it will cost.

      Since it didn't set a standard, I will: "Affordable = $50 US"
    1. whammo11224's Avatar
      whammo11224 -
      How will it fit on a regular sized desk with your keyboard?
    1. CCH's Avatar
      CCH -
      "News release drivel"? Dude these guys are entrepreneurs getting the word out about their product. Good for them! And yes, they did build that!
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      Quote Originally Posted by CCH View Post
      "News release drivel"? Dude these guys are entrepreneurs getting the word out about their product. Good for them! And yes, they did build that!
      Associating a company with buzzwords from a failed political campaign is hardly going to do them any good. While I'm glad to be kept informed by product announcements posted here on Flightsim, there is, indeed, lots of advertising drivel that's best ignored. Just because somebody's got a new product and is trying to make a buck does not make them instant heroes. One reason I use FSX for my flightsim hobby is the great third-party support. Most of the FSX-related payware products I've purchased work well, as advertised, but a small set do not, are a waste of money, of low quality, and never work as advertised. Profits were obviously more important than quality in those rare cases and, as they say, let the buyer beware.
    1. Pmcfadden's Avatar
      Pmcfadden -
      Quote Originally Posted by fthays View Post
      News release drivel. Nowhere on either link does it specify what it will cost.

      Since it didn't set a standard, I will: "Affordable = $50 US"
      Hi Fthays,
      Ya sorry Kickstarters platform leaves a bit to be desired. If you go to the Kickstarter link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...m-control-yoke and then look on the right side you will see "pledge" amounts. Our first 50 units are set at $550/each. Now of course "affordable" is a relative term. That being said considering existing CL solutions are in the $1800-$20,000 price range, and metal NON CL yokes are in the $500-$800 range; We're pretty proud of our price point.

      -All the best!

      Quote Originally Posted by whammo11224 View Post
      How will it fit on a regular sized desk with your keyboard?
      Our current working design has a case size of ~19.5". If you have an extended desk or have open space behind the desk (not pressed up against a wall) there will be more than enough room for a keyboard. However if your sim setup is also your main computer setup and you don't have room behind your desk it's probably a good idea to grab a measuring tape or look at a keyboard drawer.

      One thing to note on this units size. When we did our original product survey a lot of people were upset with the very short IE very unrealistic "throw" distance of almost all the yokes currently on the market (average is ~3".) Considering this is boutique product we decided to go for a more realistic throw distance of ~7.5", the consequence of which is a much longer box.
    1. Norman83's Avatar
      Norman83 -
      From what i read on your website, i would say affordable will be 250 EUR for it.
    1. Pmcfadden's Avatar
      Pmcfadden -
      The Kickstarter page is unfortunately a little confusing. However you can find the various backer levels on the right side of the page as you scroll down.

      -The actuator by itself is $330 (~250 Euro), but this is only appropriate for people looking to build their own system (feedback unit for a floor mounted yoke for example)

      -We have sold out of the first tier of fully assembled yokes, so at the moment any new backers on the second tier will be looking at $600 (~440 Euro)
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