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    Embraer E170 And E175 Regional Jets

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    Bill Stack

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    Embraer E170 & E175 Regional Jets by Virtualcol

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    Embraer's E170s and E175s are twin-engine, medium-range, narrow-body passenger aircraft used throughout the world by major and regional air carriers. Seating up to 88 passengers, these are the smaller of Embraer's E-Jet series. Their wing-mounted engines are the most obvious distinction from the tail-mounted engines on Embraer's earlier ERJ 135s. First flown in 2002, the E-Jets compete directly with Bombardier's Canadair Regional Jets, and they are replacing the BAE 146 and the Fokker 70 in the airliner marketplace. They seat four across in the standard cabin and three across in first-class. The 175 is slightly heavier than the 170 according to Embraer's website.

    Embraer advertises its E170/175s as looking and feeling like mainline airliners while increasing and airline's "revenue-generating potential." Almost 1,000 have been delivered to airlines around the world such as Air Canada, LOT Polish Airlines, and Saudia, and another 250 are on order, according to Wikipedia. Republic Airlines, which controls Frontier and Midwest Airlines in the United States, operates the largest number of any airline in the world: 48 E170s and 54 E175s.

    These two regional jets fit nicely between stock jetliners in MSFS. They are larger than the stock Canadair RJ700 Regional Jet and smaller than the stock Airbus A321 and Boeing 737-800.

    Crew2 2
    Passengers1 75 to 88
    Empty Weight4 42,875 lbs
    19,488 kg
    Max Take-off Weight1 85,098 lb
    38,600 kg
    Max Landing Weight1 73,414 lb
    33,300 kg
    Basic Operating Weight1 46,429 lb
    21,060 kg
    Max Payload Weight1 21,693 lb
    9,840 kg
    Max Fuel Weight1 20,580 lb
    9,335 kg
    Maximum Cruise Speed1 mach 0.82
    Ceiling2 41,000 ft
    12,505 m
    Range1 2,100 nm
    3,889 km
    Length2 98 ft
    30 m
    Wingspan2 85 ft
    26 m
    Power2 2 @ 14,200 lb
    6,441 kg
    Sources: 1 Virtualcol, 2 Embraer, 3 Wikipedia, 4 Calculated
    Note: The E175 is slightly heavier than the E170 according Embraer.

    Virtualcol's Embraer E170/175 Regional Jets

    Virtualcol describes its Embraer E170/175 Regional Jets as follows "fluid flight with fully functionally cockpit and gauges, multiple repaints and two models at a low price, for FSX and Prepar3D." Both models have a virtual cockpit, a two-dimensional instrument panel, original jet sounds, and animated ground service and auxiliary stairs with activation from the cockpit. Virtualcol also says its Embraer E170/175 Regional Jets come in 37 liveries for airlines around the globe with "product-friendly frames."

    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      Well, I understand this rendition of the E-jets is a lighter one. However, as an previous owner of version 2 (this one is v3), are there any noticeable differences? I mean, I remember in v2 shortly before landing, the trim went full nose up. Is this fixed in v3?
    1. rcrijkse's Avatar
      rcrijkse -
      I enjoy flying this aircraft. Its by no means a complicated aircraft and uses FSX Flight planner to import the route into its FMS. The FMS is not even a light version. i would qualify it as an Ultra light FMS. The only issue i have seen so far is that it seems to be extremely under powered. it struggled to get to FL320 and by FL260 had to decrease my VS from 1500 to 1000 FPM. and by FL290 to 500 with the airspeed steadily decreasing to 150 kts. 5 kts from imminent stall. At FL320 it will "slowly" accelerate to about 250 kts. i don't think it will make it any higher then that with a full load. you will have to step climb to anything above FL320 or lighten up your load/fuel.
    1. fsxpilot930's Avatar
      fsxpilot930 -
      Hi I just bought this aircraft and haven't found out how to open the cargo door any help?
    1. dylan333's Avatar
      dylan333 -
      on mine the 170 works great but on the 175 the back section of the plane is a little transparent and part of the tail is missing. I need help
    1. zanefishy's Avatar
      zanefishy -
      Quote Originally Posted by fsxpilot930 View Post
      Hi I just bought this aircraft and haven't found out how to open the cargo door any help?
      Just press shift e, then 3 and press the same buttons to close. Hope it helps
    1. paisa's Avatar
      paisa -
      I cant figure out the autopilot, I set VS, AT, ALT , HDG and nothing happens, any suggestions.
    1. mdrinkle's Avatar
      mdrinkle -
      I also just purchased this aircraft and when using GSX with this aircraft when I tried to refuel GSX said to use the aircraft's refueling system. Where is the refueling system in this aircraft?
    1. Flying Kiwi's Avatar
      Flying Kiwi -
      I love your flight simming instructional videos, Mr Stack, and your aircraft reviews. However, this one is now a bit out of date. The Embraer package has been updated once or twice by Virtualcol since this review was written, and the issue of the 32,000-foot "ceiling" has been fixed. I have tended to cruise at 30,000 feet when doing flights in this plane (based on what I read here), but have never noticed any climbing issues with the Embraer 170 or 175. So a short while ago I did a test flight from Auckland to Christchurch in NZ (a distance of about 400 NM). My chosen cruising altitude for this flight was 35,000 feet. The aircraft climbed to that height without any issues at all! By way of a little further testing, I requested a CA increase to 36,000 feet. This also caused no issues. I went back to 35,000 feet and subsequently completed the flight (in P3D V4) entirely normally.

      So in case anyone reading this review thinks they should stay below 32,000 feet in this aircraft, please be assured that you can now cruise at more standard jet heights without any problem at all. The only real quibble I do have with this plane is that it accelerates and climbs like a fighter jet, and I need to engage the autothrottle and autopilot VERY quickly to bring it under control. I have no such issue with the Embraer 190/195 package. That performs a lot more realistically on takeoff and climbout.
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