• Review: Cera Sim - UH-60L Blackhawk

    Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk

    Manufacturer: Cera Simulations

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    Raymond Andersen

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    The Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk is an upgrade to the original UH-60 and features a four-bladed rotor, a twin engine setup and is categorized as a medium lift helicopter for both military and civilian purposes.

    The helicopter is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft and the original UH-60 flew the first flight back in 1974. The UH-60L upgrade entered production in 1989 and was a conversion of the existing UH-60A.

    The major improvements found in the UH-60L are the HIRSS system (Hover IR Suppression System) which is a system designed to cool the engine exhaust gasses in forward flight and when hovering.

    Also the limit for the cargo hook is improved and the engines have been upgraded to be two General Electric T700-GE-701C or D turboshaft engines, improved gearbox and updated flight control system together with an improved night vision compatibility with the ANVIS 7/HUD, a digital automated flight computer system and an electronic flight information system (EFIS).


    • Produced by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
    • Role: utility helicopter
    • First flight: original version in 1974
    • Entered production: 1989 (L-version)
    • Status: active and in service
    • Built: 600+ (L-version)
    • Built: 4000+ (all versions)

    I received this add-on through FSPilotShop and the download went as usual perfect and without any issues. The installation was quickly finished and all I had to do was to activate the included and very user friendly installation wizard and the installation was completed within half a minute or so.

    In regards to the installation, here I found that there are actually included two installers for this aircraft. This is because Cera Simulations has created this helicopter with an optional GPS from Reality XP - the GNS 530, so if you have this GPS in your system library then you can also use the GPS with this helicopter. If not, then just simply install the version using the default FSX GPS.

    I do not have the Reality XP GNS 530 GPS, so the version that I have tested is the version using the default FSX GPS. However I did install both versions just to check the difference and what I found was that both versions were actually the same but when selecting the Reality XP version I could of course not get the GPS to work.

    After the installation had completed I of course checked the FSX folders to verify that the installation had completed correctly - this seemed to be all perfect and I found the UH-60L perfectly located in the FSX/SimObjects/helicopter folder.


    I now opened up FSX and went inside my virtual hangar. Here I found the UH-60L perfectly placed in the subfolder of Cera Simulations together with the other add-ons that I have from Cera Simulations. In total I found five liveries that were included in this add-on package which is a fair number of liveries.

    1. Storm22's Avatar
      Storm22 -
      Sadly, the helicopter does not work in multiplayer. The effects cause an overload and crash of FSX when more than one Cera UH-60L is in the same server. This has yet to be fixed by Cerasim.
    1. highside7r's Avatar
      highside7r -
      RW Black Hawk driver, long time FS player. Cera actually did an outstanding job on a complex helo model as most would expect from this small developer. If you have any of their Bell series helos, the same attention to detail has gone into this package with good framerates too. A few minor avionics issues and an updated flight model would really make this one shine.
    1. madPILOT's Avatar
      madPILOT -
      And with some bugs the don't able to fix it ?

      a good test pilot is always in training
    1. madPILOT's Avatar
      madPILOT -
      I have test with my friend. Multiplayer is not possible the outer Pilot join the session in the Multiplayer to cause a crasch on the Pilot how is in the session. Need to be fixed. And when the overhead blue light is on is not possible to chance the VOR FRQ in the midle consol. Mail it few weeks ago to Cera Sim and no respons.

      a good test pilot is always in training
    1. vry's Avatar
      vry -
      This aircraft is disappointing in its panel and external quality.
      It is also extremely difficult to start. There are no instructions.
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