• Vero FS - Portland Vancouver PhotoReal Silver Released

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    Portland Vancouver PhotoReal SILVER is a photo-realistic, two-variation (daylight and night) scenery, developed on color corrected and enhanced digital ortho-photos aerial imagery. Photo-realistic means that what you see when looking down from your airplane in FSX is actually what real pilots see when flying real airplanes in the real world.

    With this product installed in your simulator you will experience the real cities, countryside, mountains (including Mt. Hood), rivers, lakes included in the 9800 sq.km / 6100 sq.mi surrounding Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington.

    If you are new to photo realistic scenery, be ready to get addicted and ask for more. If instead you are familiar with photo realistic scenery, you will be amazed by the high level of quality achieved by VERO with this product.

    The night variation of this product has been achieved by virtually adding (painting) lights on real roads and streets so the effect during sunset and dawn is quite spectacular.


    Area developed: 9800 sq.Km / 6100 sq.mi which includes:

    • 16 airports
    • 1m/pixel ground textures (LOD 15)
    • Daylight (non seasonal) ground textures
    • Photorealistic night ground textures achieved by adding lights on real roads and streets
    • Smooth transition with the default FSX ground
    • Water bodies
    • Absolutely no impact on frame rates


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    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      Looks stunning, some nice colour adjustment work...but too small an area for me and too expensive. My Orbx PNW does the trick for the entire region.
    1. fsxphotoreal's Avatar
      fsxphotoreal -
      ORBX is not photoreal = what is see is not what you get in real life
    1. andy190325's Avatar
      andy190325 -
      If the product is not selling well, I can offer some tips as to why I won't buy it. In the Columbia River Gorge screenshot looking west from just west of Hood River I can see mismatched photo tiles. In the screen shot showing Mount hood in winter, the mountain is void of snow around the mid level and looks like it does in summer at higher levels, while lower mountains are covered in snow. That is not true to real life. The night screen shots are unconvincing. I-84 just disappears at night from what I can see in these screen shots. I'm not really getting the hard winter. It looks like a 9 am snowfall that is melting by mid day, rather than a hard winter. No auto gen buildings or vegetation and no night lights individual light points. The people who did this right was flight scenery in FZ02, they made Portland look perfect.
    1. fsxphotoreal's Avatar
      fsxphotoreal -
      Thank you for your inputs Andy!

      1) the product is selling really well, I have to admit. But of course it's still in development (reason for discount) and there is always space of improvement, of course, for which I thank you and I invite you to contact me (Gabriele) directly from our official site at www.vero-fs.com. Inputs are very much appreciated
      2) there's not hard winter in this SILVER product. There's a mistake int he description that fspilotshop will fix soon.
      3) "In the Columbia River Gorge screenshot looking west from just west of Hood River I can see mismatched photo tiles" - I can't find tiles mismatch. I will look through once I will be operative with my PC again (typhoon in the Philippines left me blackout)
      4) What's not convincing in the night variation?
      5) Autogen is coming soon. It's ready to be uplaoded and delivered free of charge to our customers but unfortunately you need to give us a little time to have our computers up and running again. We are looking to relocate in a new area where electricity has been restored already. (I am in Bohol. The island is served by Leyete area, where the super typhoon made the mess)

      Anyway... we really vaslue customers/simmers critics and we invite you to get in touch with us directly. We will do our best to make everybody happy.

      Thanks again!
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