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    X-Plane C185 Bush

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    Shawn Weigelt

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    The Cessna 185 Skywagon was first designed in 1960 as a strengthened and more powerful outgrowth of the C180 utility airplane. The C185 prototype first flew in 1960 with the first production model completed a year later. The C185 proved to be a successful aircraft for Cessna, with over 4,400 produced until 1985. The aircraft was a great success as a "bush" plane, being able to operate in and out of short fields or off airport locations and could also be fitted with amphibious and non amphibious floats, skis, tundra tires, and cargo pods. One of the most endearing features of the C185 is its extremely high useful load, which, in early models, exceeded the airplane's empty weight!

    It goes without saying that the Carenado version of the venerable Cessna 185 is an absolute visual masterpiece. As close as I can tell and through research on http://www.skywagons.com Carenado's version was modeled to represent an A185F model of 1973, 1974, or 1975 vintage.


    When Carenado first released the 185 for X-Plane I was quick to scoop it up. What can I say, I have a thing for conventional geared airplanes (the technical term for "taildragger") and anything that can get me in and out of the backcountry. I'm an outdoorsman at heart, and Cessna's 185 is a true "outdoorsman's" airplane in every regard. It's powerful, loud, carries a huge load, and can get into and out of places most airplanes can only dream of. When one thinks of backcountry flying in the United States or Canada primarily, the 185 is one of those airplanes that immediately come to mind. It is a rugged beast of an airplane suited for equally rugged and unforgiving country.

    At any rate, I was absolutely thrilled with my shiny new Skywagon and promptly started exploring Alaska and the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest with it, initially in X-Plane 9.70, though I have since upgraded to version 10. As happy as I was with the file, with its beautiful visuals, amazing sounds, and outstanding handling, I eventually found myself pining for the Bush Expansion Pack available to FSX users. After all, the 185 is just about the closest thing to a purpose built bush plane Cessna has ever produced, and the thing is just begging for huge bush wheels or floats! It didn't look like it was going to pan out at first, but I believe enough of the X-Plane community expressed interest in seeing the Bush Expansion Pack converted, that Carenado eventually consented. The result: A hugely popular acf for bush flying junkies such as myself, and, unequivocally, the best $13 I have ever spent. Period.


    Before I get into the ins and outs of the Bush Expansion Pack for the 185, I think I must stress that it is just that; an expansion pack! This means that it is NOT a stand-alone aircraft file. If you want the "bush" experience with the C185 you must first purchase and install the "standard" C185F Skywagon which retails for $26.95 U.S. Now you are free to purchase and install (following the instructions carefully) the C185 Skywagon Bush Extension Pack, retailing for $12.95. Now you will have at your disposal what I believe to be the most authentic and immersive general aviation "bush plane" available to us on X-Plane. It is just that good.


    Now, on to what you get. Once you have installed the Bush Extension Pack you'll notice you actually have the option of four separate files available to you in the sim. They are as follows:


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      DominicS -
      Great review Shawn!!

      She's a great aircraft for going camping!!

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