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    Skiathos is a famous Greek island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is a very popular tourist destination. Even though the island is small, only 12 x 6 km in average, there are about 65 sandy beaches, inlets, capes and peninsulas. The main town has a population of about 5,000 people and is named after the island - Skiathos.

    You can travel to the island by either boat or plane, and the island of Skiathos features a medium size international airport named Alexandros Papadiamantis. The ICAO code is LGSK and the airport has one runway 02/20 with an asphalt surface and a total length of 5,341 feet that is able to accommodate small to medium size aircraft such as the A320, A321, B737 and Boeing 757.

    The runway is characterized as "short and narrow" and has a down-slope on runway 20 which leads to an illusion of a shorter runway because the end of the southern-end part of the runway cannot be seen when close to the ground. Due to these circumstances most airlines typically require their pilots to undergo additional training before flying to this destination and only captains are allowed to perform the landings.

    The airport and runway are built on reclaimed land from the sea between the island of Skiathos and the smaller island of Lazareta. The island is also known as the Greek Saint Maarten and features a beach just at the end of runway 02, where aviation enthusiasts get the possibility to get very close to the landing aircrafts.


    • Island Name: Skiathos
    • Airport Name: Alexandros Papadiamantis
    • Type: Public
    • Location: Greece
    • ICAO: LGSK
    • IATA: JSI
    • Elevation: 54 ft / 16 m
    • Passengers: 200,000+ / year
    • Runway 1:
      • Direction: 02/20
      • Length: 5,341 ft / 1,628 m
      • Surface: Asphalt

    I received this add-on scenery from the FS Pilot Shop and the download went quickly and without any issues or connection errors. After the download had completed I started the installation process - this is easily done just by activating the included installation wizard.

    To complete the installation only took the very user friendly installation wizard about a minute or so, and all I had to do was to fill in my mail and the serial code. Now I was now ready to verify that the installation had proceeded as scheduled.


    In this scenery add-on AeroSoft has included various airport charts together with a 16 page user manual. These charts and the manual can be found in the AeroSoft folder in your start menu.

    The manual contains information about system requirements, how to install and uninstall the add-on scenery, technical information and general information about the airport and island together with an explanation of the included scenery manager and much more.

    This add-on scenery is created to be used with either FSX or P3D and there are of course included an installation wizard for both versions - this review is only based on the FSX version and I have not tested the scenery on Prepar3D.

    Also included in the scenery package is a scenery manager. This is a small program that enables the simmer to customize the scenery according to his or her requirements or the computer system requirements, hereby making it easy for the simmer to select or de-select various options such as to include specific animations, usage of HD textures, 3D grass, static objects, etc. The manager is indeed very user friendly and this I would also recommend to setup before taking the first look at the airport and the island.

    One note in regards to the AI airport vehicle density is to please set the FSX density to "None", otherwise this could create a conflict with the included AES (Airport Enhancement Service), as also stated by Aerosoft in the manual.

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