• Historic Airline Group Improves Charter Flying

    Historic Airline Group Improves Charter Flying; Quantas Long Haul Flights Added

    The Historic Airline Group has revamped its charter business and has started expanding flights in Australia. All this comes as HAG continues to make their VA an even more enjoyable place for you to do your classic sim flying.

    The Historic Airline Group has recently added long haul flights from Sydney, Australia using Quantas 707-338C and early 747-238B aircraft. These long haul flights are all eligible for 2x acceleration so you can enjoy the fun of flying long intercontinental flights without the need to set aside an entire day to complete it. With flights over 5 hours in length eligible for accelerated flying, you can cross the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans and still have time to watch your favorite football games. Future plans include adding Ansett Airway flights for even more fun down under. These will include Lockheed Electra II, DC-9 and B727 flights.

    Also at HAG we have completely redesigned our charter flying. Now pilots can fly from any of three charter bases to any destination they desire. Fly a KingAir to a remote Rocky Mountain grass strip, or take businessmen from Connecticut to Philadelphia in your Twin Beech or Piper Navajo. Charter flying has never been so open to your creative talents. Come check us out and see if we're the virtual airline site you've been looking for!


    1. aharon's Avatar
      aharon -
      Can you please tell me more about three charter bases, please?? Is this example of free flights to anywhere??? Must free flights start from ONLY three charter bases? Any historic jet planes?? Do you accept transfer of VA hours from another VA?
    1. garryrussell's Avatar
      garryrussell -
      How about spelling QANTAS without the 'U'
    1. navy840's Avatar
      navy840 -
      QANTAS is an acronym for Queensland And Northern Territorial Air Services.
      If you google it you will find out how it all started and became QANTAS eventually.
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