• iFMS For Android Released

    After a successful launch on the Apple App Store in June earlier this year, iFMS has now been released for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

    Along with this release for Android, a new version 1.1 for iPhone/iPod/iPad will also be released in the coming days.

    iFMS provides you with a nearly fully functional "Boeing style" Flight Management System and HSI display on your Android device, iPhone, iPad (Mini) or iPod Touch, to make your Flight Simulator experience a more realistic one.

    Apart from all the standard flight planning and tracking (LNAV and VNAV) functionality, all the more complex functions such as hold programming, custom waypoint programming by coordinates, heading/distance calculation or waypoints radial/intersection calculation and abeam route waypoint calculations are available as well, along with much, much more.

    The HSI display is has a MAP and PLAN mode and was developed appear as realistic as possible, the programmed route, the waypoints, the fixes, the navaids, the airports etc. are all programmed to be displayed using the standard symbolization rules of the industry.

    iFMS can be configured for use with almost any of your favorite Flight Simulator's standard or add-on aircraft, 6 default aircraft configuration files are included but you can easily create your own following the tutorial available from the iFMS web site.

    New In Version 1.1

    This is the first release available on Android as well as iOS platforms.

    A much desired feature that is now included is the LNAV/VNAV engine.

    Apart from using iFMS for flight planning/tracking/navigation, with this new engine iFMS is now also capable of controlling the aircraft's autopilot to fly the programmed LNAV/VNAV route.

    This release also comes with 6 default aircraft configuration files, a 737-800, 747-400, 757-200, 767-300ER, 777-200LR and a PA-28, but you can easily create your own following the tutorial and examples available on the iFMS web site so iFMS can be used with almost any flight simulator standard and most add-on aircraft.

    Graphics have been significantly improved since the original iOS release in June earlier this year.

    Features Summary

    • Realistic Flight Planning/Tracking/Navigation
    • Realistic Boeing style Flight Management System
    • Realistic Boeing style HSI display
    • LNAV & VNAV calculation
    • An LNAV/VNAV engine to control your aircraft's autopilot
    • Single portrait or side by side landscape view
    • Configurable aircraft, 6 default included
    • Use your own created aircraft files
    • Loading and saving of flight plans
    • Import flight plans and aircraft from your PC through iTunes
    • Updatable navigation data through Navigraph

    Please visit http://www.ifms-fs.com for more details about iFMS.

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    1. ianpierson's Avatar
      ianpierson -
      I have often wondered if there is a way of plugging in my old HTC phone to use as a mini display in FSX
    1. michaeldefeyter's Avatar
      michaeldefeyter -
      Well, now you can, provided your HTC isn't too old, you'll need a device with at least 512mb of ram and 350mb of free storage.
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