• ASL Camguard And Concorde Battery Sponsor Accu-Sim Trainer

    ASL Camguard and Concorde Battery sponsor the A2A Accu-Sim C172 Trainer.

    A2A has announced two more sponsors for their Accu-Sim C172 Trainer aircraft in development, ASL Camguard and Concorde Battery. ASL Camguard is an oil additive that helps reduce engine wear and protect from corrosion. Concorde makes high quality, maintenance free batteries for aircraft. A2A Simulations produces high-end flight simulations using their own proprietary Accu-Sim technology through Microsoft flight simulator products.

    "Some tests show corrosion starts in just three days of letting an airplane sit and this concerned us greatly with operating an airplane in the NorthEast, especially during the cold season where the plane can sit for over a week. After months of research we started using Camguard in our aircraft. Probably the best benefit when using Camguard is, when many days go by without being able to fly, you have more peace of mind thinking you have an additive backed by independent tests. Since this Accu-Sim C172 Trainer actually simulates the time that your airplane sits (even with the computer off), you can experience the benefit. If you are not going to fly your Accu-Sim 172 Trainer at least twice a week, we recommend you use the additive," said Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations Inc.

    "After we acquired the Comanche, we noticed the engine was difficult to start due to a slow cranking from a weakened battery. After looking through the log books, we could see the battery was being replaced every two to three years. The battery is installed in the rear, which means there is a lot of resistance it has to overcome to reach the starter in the front of the engine. We checked and cleaned all the connections, yet still the engine cranking was too slow. We knew there had to be better solution. We then found Concorde and installed their RG-35A battery, which wasn't even their strongest one but we immediately saw twice the cranking power. This changed the entire starting experience for us, so we are happy to bring not one but three Concorde batteries into the simulator that you can try out," said Mitchell Glicksman of A2A Simulations Inc.


    More information about Camguard can be found at http://www.aslcamguard.com

    More information about Concorde Batteries can be found at http://www.concordebattery.com

    More information about A2A Simulations can be found at http://www.a2asimulations.com

    A2A Simulations products are available from the FS Pilot Shop.

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