• Phillips66 Aviation Sponsors The A2A Accu-Sim C172

    Phillips66 Aviation is an official sponsor of the new Accu-Sim C172 Trainer aircraft in development by A2A Simulations Inc. Phillips66 Aviation creates more avgas than any other producer and also produced the first multi-grade aviation oil (X/C® 20W-50). A2A Simulations produces high-end flight simulations using their own proprietary Accu-Sim technology through Microsoft flight simulator products. Both Phillips66 and A2A Simulations have the shared interest in raising the awareness of proper aircraft care and the Accu-Sim C172 Trainer gives a deeper understanding through a hands-on experience of how to best manage the oil in your airplane.

    "Oil degrades over time, especially with the wider tolerances in an air-cooled aircraft engine. Therefore it's important to keep fresh oil in the engine as the acids in old oil do the most damage when the engine is not in use, and time counts even when the simulator is off. This means the Accu-Sim pilot will acquire the same good habits that aircraft owners learn through experience every day," said Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations Inc.

    "We simulate things like oil, viscosity, corrosion, contaminants, etc. because it is needed to give a proper aircraft owner's experience. If you leave, for example, a thick single weight oil in your plane and try to start it on a cold morning, you will quickly learn to either use a multi-weight or plug in your engine heater the night before. The incredible thing with this new Accu-Sim C172 Trainer is you don't even realize you are learning, because it's just all fun. The Cessna 172 is a simple airplane to understand which makes the entire experience enjoyable. Much of what we've put into the new Accu-Sim C172 Trainer is a reflection of day to day experiences from aircraft owners, including our own people," said Lewis Bloomfield of A2A Simulations Inc.


    A2A Simulations products are available from the FS Pilot Shop.

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