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      Aerosoft - Geneva Professional

      Aerosoft expands their range of Prepar3D v4 scenery with the release of Geneva Professional. This scenery recreates Geneva Airport at a high level of detail with all its buildings and facilities. Seasonal adjustments, faithfully modelled runway lighting and excellent night effects make the scenery shine at all times. All the markings and navaids appear just as in real life.

      November 14, 2019, 1:43 pm

      Team SDB CVN-65 USS Enterprise 'Final Cruises' Released

      New from Team SDB and exclusive to the FlightSim.Com Store is CVN-65 USS Enterprise 'Final Cruises'. FSX and Prepar3D pilots looking for some realistic naval action will enjoy this realistic recreation of a US Navy aircraft carrier on authentic cruise missions. Use the included RFN Carrier Gauge to access nearly a dozen advanced features plus a graphic interface to locate and interact with the ships. The carrier has many features like realistic lighting, animated crewmen, catapult steam and more.

      November 13, 2019, 4:46 pm

      PMDG NGXu Update And Paint Kit Pending

      PMDG has some news about their 737 NGXu aircraft. Two updates are planned for this week. These are expected to be normal post-release clean-up updates, though one new feature will allow for various choices on how nose wheel steerring works. Also coming this week is a paint kit.

      November 13, 2019, 11:01 am

      DC Designs F/A-18 Hornet Update

      DC Designs reports steady progress on their F/A-18E/F/G Super Hornet package for both FSX and Prepar3D. Liveries have been announced and work is proceeding on the undercarriage and lighting.

      November 12, 2019, 9:42 am

      Toposim - Two New UltraMesh Products Now Available

      Toposim expands the selections in their ultra-high-resolution UltraMesh product line with UltraMesh Arkansas and UltraMesh Tennessee, now available at the FlightSim.Com Store. Featuring an incredible 2.3m horizontal resolution compiled from 1m LIDAR bare earth source data, this is truly the most detailed and accurate rendition of the states of Arkansas and Tennessee elevation models ever produced for the FSX/P3D.

      November 11, 2019, 6:25 pm

      Imaginesim Announces TBPB Barbados for Prepar3D v4

      Imaginesim has announced a new scenery for Prepar3D v4 coming soon: TBPB Barbados. Originally designed for a commercial client, permission has been obtained for a general release and it is expected to be packaged and ready for the Christmas season. Possible X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator versions will be discussed in January.

      November 11, 2019, 10:21 am

      Review: Aerosoft - FSDG Rhodes

      The island of Rhodos - Island of Knights makes a great flying destination. Reviewer MrYorkiesWorld has been there many times and now takes a look at the version for FSX and Prepar3D published by Aerosoft. In FSDG Rhodes you'll find the island's two airports in great detail, along with the rest of the island. "A big win" was the review verdict.

      November 10, 2019, 9:51 am

      GayaSimulation Previews Vienna Scenery

      GayaSimulation has released their first in-sim preview images of their upcoming scenery of Vienna. The pictures are from X-Plane 11 but the scenery will also be released for Prepar3D.

      November 9, 2019, 2:51 pm

      France VFR Releases Rhone-Alpes VFR Vol.1 3DA

      A new regional scenery Rhone-Alpes VFR Vol.1 for P3D 64 bits and FSX is now available from France VFR. This scenery represents the northern part of the French Alps including many airports and known cities like Lyon and Chamonix.

      November 9, 2019, 2:01 pm

      PMDG Product Trajectory Alignment

      PMDG has released an extensive statement detailing their short and long range plans. Included is enthusiastic support for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as the end of support of X-Plane and for all 32 bit platforms.

      November 8, 2019, 11:50 am

      PMDG Releases 737NGXu For Prepar3D v4

      PMDG has announced the release of their 737NGXu for Prepar3D v4. As expected from PMDG, this is a highly accurate rendition of the real plane. But what's notable about the release is the promise from PMDG to give purchasers a 100% credit on the purchase of the version for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator when that becomes available next year.

      November 8, 2019, 10:02 am

      Flightbeam Studios WIP Auckland Airport For P3D

      Flightbeam Studios has reported some news on their Auckland Airport scenery for Prepar3D. Several screen shots were released, showing shiny new Gen-4 Flightbeam Jetways including 3D renders and wire frames.

      November 8, 2019, 9:29 am

      Tioman Island released by PILOT'S

      PILOT'S announces the release of their latest Prepar3D scenery: Tioman Island. Tioman Airport (WMBT) offers one of the most dangerous approaches in the world so will surely challenge any flight simulator pilot! The scenery features the high terrain with crisp tropical colors and high resolution mesh with lush vegetation and tropical resorts to complete the scene.

      November 8, 2019, 9:12 am

      Orbx - openLC Africa Pre-Beta Previews

      Orbx finally has some news on their long awaited openLC Africa flight simulator scenery for FSX and Prepar3D. Included are a large set of pre-beta preview images that look pretty complete already. A beta build is expected soon as well.

      November 7, 2019, 8:42 am

      Simworks Studios Now In FlightSim.Com Store

      We would like to welcome a new developer to the FlightSim.Com Store: Simworks Studios. SimWorks Studios is a developer of high quality flight simulation add-ons for FSX and Prepar3D, aimed at creating not just a simulation, but the experience! Their speciality is military aircraft like the F-4 Phantom II and aircraft carriers to fly them from.

      November 5, 2019, 5:09 pm

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