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    The name "Skiathos" is derived from "skia" (Greek for "shadow") and is named after the shadows of the countless trees covering the island of Skiathos. Following "Mykonos X", "Skiathos X" is the second island project by the development group "29Palms Scenery Design", taking you to the Northern Sporades of Greece.

    The airport of the island is considered to be the "Greek St. Maarten" because of its spectacular approach. The runway reaches the surrounding sea on both its ends and is in total only 1628m long. Bigger aircraft like a Boeing 757-200 are forced to perform low approaches.


    • Highly detailed rendition of Skiathos Airport "Alexandros Papadiamantis" (LGSK)
    • Complete coverage of over 100km2 with high resolution satellite imagery (0.3-0.5m/px)
    • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground by "texture baking"
    • Performant 3D-night lighting covering the whole island
    • High resolution day and night textures (2048px2)
    • Realistic rendition of light sources on all 3D objects and ground by "baked lighting"
    • Complex terrain mesh
    • Over 250.000, hand-placed and custom made autogen objects
    • Numerous animations (car traffic, ships, swarms of birds, flags)
    • Complete reconstruction of airport's lighting equipment
    • Realistic 3D grass and vegetation
    • Soundeffects (seagulls, sound of the sea, engines, air conditioners)
    • 3D people
    • Numerous custom made static objects around the airport
    • Animated windsocks
    • Configuration manager for optimal performance
    • Highly detailed manual including charts (PDF)
    • Compatible with AI traffic Add-Ons (including "World of AI")
    • Compatible with Ground Environment X, Ultimate Terrain X, FSGlobal and GRcoastlines
    • Excellent perfomance with high frame rates


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    1. vflight2's Avatar
      vflight2 -
      I fly the virtual skies of this area from time to time on a mental (all in MY head) VA I call, Empyrean Air Travel, all as a break from my usual VA duties at Platinum and Air Source. Any chance we can get some pics as a brief taste of what we might expect if and after installation...?
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