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    PT-AT6000E Projector

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    Raymond Andersen

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    Flight simulation has always since it first began, developed to be more and more realistic. The trend that I am starting to see for the regular simmer is, that we thrive to get an "as real as possible" flight experience when flying our desktop simulation. This is done by adding various kinds of sophisticated hardware as modules, control systems, gauges, iPads, etc, but in regards to the actual view, the simmer has previously been restricted to use only ordinary computer screens - first one and then several to get the unique panorama view.

    This I see is about to change, and not only in regards to very serious cockpit builders but also to the everyday flight simmer. The quality of projectors has increased enormously the past years and has now reached a level of quality that is more than acceptable for even the demanding flight simmer. Today you can purchase full HD projectors for very low prices, but for the demanding flight simmer you can also get very sophisticated projectors that have a quality that exceeds the quality of the normal computer screen.

    Think about the idea of using three or even four or five projectors that project images of 100 - 150" in full HD quality instead of your standard three computer screen setup. This will most certainly add a huge experience for the flight simmer and take the home flight simulation to the next era. Now you can get more than just the home cinema center - you can build your own home mega flight simulator.

    I have had the pleasure of testing the Panasonic PT-AT6000E projector which is not just a simple low price projector, but a very sophisticated and powerful 2D and 3D projector capable of projecting full HD quality images easily to 120-150" and also larger if you have the wall for it.

    I received this projector from AV-Connections in Sonderborg, Denmark who is a distributor of Panasonic projectors in Denmark. The projector was sent with the national postal service and arrived on time at my location.

    The packaging of the projector is really good. The projector is placed in a soft foam bag to prevent it from being scratched or similar. Hereafter it is placed in a hard card board box with flamingo attached to all edges of the projector and glued special made flamingo in the button so that the projector would be 100% secured during transport.

    Installing / connecting the projector is very simple but there are of course included a manual and installation guide for the projector. Furthermore there are included a special made power cable for European sockets and also one for US sockets together with a remote control and one set of 3D glasses - No HDMI cable was included.

    Connecting the projector can be done by using either HDMI or VGA - this depends on which possibilities your computer has, but I would recommend using the HDMI for maximum quality. All inputs are located on the back side of the projector and include both component, composite, S-video, VGA, HDMI and an RS232C port for use to integrate the projector to a complete and fully automated home cinema system where you can also use the projectors two trigger outputs to control e.g. blinds, curtains, projector screen etc.

    When choosing a projector for your home cockpit, there are several criteria that has to be meet to gain the best possible visual experience - the most important ones in my opinion are the lumens, the resolution and the contrast ratio, so the first thing I checked with this projector was of course these specs.

    The lumens is the power/brightness of the light source measured in ANSI lumens. The higher number of ANSI lumens, the better performance the projector will have when using it in rooms that are very light and with e.g. windows etc. This projector has 2,400 ANSI lumens which provide the PT-AT6000E with a superb performance even in rooms with windows without blinds.

    A known issue with high-end projectors is the heat generated by the lamp, but in the early 2013 Panasonic redesigned the lamp module hereby improving the heat dissipation. This was done so efficiently that it had no impact on the fan, meaning that the fan could still run with the same rpms as previously to keep the Db level to a minimum and also without minimizing the lifetime of the fan.

    1. peter58's Avatar
      peter58 -
      I have been using a projector for flightsimming for several years. I highly recommend it. I have mine projected on a 100" screen and I sit about 5' from it. This perspective is quite accurate (I am halfway through a private pilots license). Sitting in the virtual cockpit makes you really feel like you are sitting in it and the ground rush when landing is very good. I also use the Trackir, I have the sensor clip pointing backwards and the receiver behind me. This is amazing, very immersive. If you want to see the ultimate home projector set up go to http://www.simpit.co.nz/ That's on my wishlist!!

      One comment for readers is that if you want to go the projector route check out something like projector central.com while the Panasonic PT-AT6000E is an incredible projector there are many more less expensive options out there that are just as good for flightsimming. As Nels says check the specs and compare...one important detail to look for is lamp life! Mine went after the first year and it was almost $500.!! I rejigged my settings and I've managed to get over 3000 hours out of this recent bulb. I suggest using the highest fan setting and just turning up the volume ( the lycoming will easily overpower the sound of the fan). I have tried 3 - 20" monitors...this is far superior!
      Here is a youtube video of my setup.
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Just a small input in regards to lamp life time. According to the specs for this projector, it's stated that with Eco use you should be able to reach 5,000 hours but with max usage it would be around 4,000 hours.

      Still a new lamp is quite expensive as Peter58 also wrote

    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      I just made a check-up on the lamp costs - it's stated about EURO 0.06 per hour for non Eco usage.

    1. ayo's Avatar
      ayo -
      not interesting at all
      first the price is bull shit hight
      the size of the cocpit is too large
    1. vandaele's Avatar
      vandaele -
      What is the minimum distance the projector has to stands from the wall to have a 100" screen (+/- 150 cm)
    1. peter58's Avatar
      peter58 -
      This is not considered a short throw projector...but those are available here are the specs for this projector
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