• HD Airplanes - Cessna 182T Skylane FSX/P3D Released

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    The Cessna 182 Skylane is an American four-seat, single-engine, light airplane, built by Cessna of Wichita, Kansas. It has the option of adding two child seats, installed in the baggage area. Introduced in 1956, the 182 has been produced in a number of variants, including a version with retractable landing gear, and is the second most popular Cessna model, after the 172.


    • Interactive virtual cockpit Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps
    • Animated cowl flaps
    • Animated yoke rudder pedals and switches
    • Rolling wheels
    • Animated landing gear suspension
    • Opening doors
    • Opening windows
    • Animated sun visors
    • Adjustable seats
    • Animated cowl flaps
    • Navigation lights, beacons, landing lights cabin lights
    • Real weight and balance
    • PSD paint kit
    • Main textures 4096x4096


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    1. hangar's Avatar
      hangar -
      you're kidding, right?...this thing is so bad I wouldn't even download it if it were free. Hard to believe they have the balls to ask $25 for that.
    1. BFC's Avatar
      BFC -
      Looks like a freeware plane.
    1. willmike's Avatar
      willmike -
      WM - OMG! This must be a joke! Flightsim.com needs your donations. It sure can't survive on these ads.
    1. willmike's Avatar
      willmike -
      Quote Originally Posted by hangar View Post
      you're kidding, right?...this thing is so bad I wouldn't even download it if it were free. Hard to believe they have the balls to ask $25 for that.
      I agree, FS5 had better looking planes!
    1. sq321's Avatar
      sq321 -
      I( would like to see you three make a better aircraft for FSX.
    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      Sq321 I think you're missing the point here. Neither or them made claims of being better developers or being able to create a model for FSX. However, I would TOTALLY have to agree with them. This model looks HORRID. You would think that with the newer design programs being available and just newer technology period, HD Airplanes would have taken advantage of this. The fact that they didn't, or even if they have, you can clearly see it was to a minimal extent. This aircraft truly looks like freeware at best. Just as a comparison, pull up Carenado's Cessna 182T and put each aircraft side by side. I think anyone that does that will have an extremely hard time justifying spending any amount of cash on this plane. It almost seems as though HD Airplanes is trying to "pull a fast one over" for lack of a better term, anyone that decides to pay money for a freeware quality model. It's not that I'm right or wrong here, it's just my opinion!!
    1. jamminjames's Avatar
      jamminjames -
      I can't believe they even released this after seeing Carenado's !
    1. beana5's Avatar
      beana5 -
      "CAVEAT EMPTOR"..I agree with the honest negative comments here...For the most ,its a rip off..Money should equal quality..not so here...This model should be with drawn,re worked and then rolled out. Stuff like this gives Simming a bad name....
    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      beana5- I agree!!! I mean this is really insulting to every flight simmer's integrity to pay for something like this. This model should be pulled immediately! How can HD Airplanes say with honesty that even they, themselves, would spend money on this "failed attempt" at a payware aircraft. It's very poor judgment on their part, in my opinion, to do something like this.
    1. joejam2's Avatar
      joejam2 -
      Abacus has improved slightly and changed their name
    1. Bernie5's Avatar
      Bernie5 -
      Having just bought Carenado's C206 & C208B, I find it incredible that anyone is actually trying to exchange this kind of rubbish for similar amounts of money.

      Caveat Emptor indeed - anybody unfortunate enough to actually buy this thing will no doubt have their work cut out trying to obtain a refund.
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